6 Secrets to Planning Your Perfect Wedding

You have spent lots of time to organize a perfect wedding because wedding is your special movement of your life especially for women.  But stress and worry can destroy your movement at the last time of your wedding. Wedding is a big day for you and there are things that are nice to know. Check out these tips for your perfect wedding.

Break in Your Shoes before the Big Days

If you planning to wear a flats shoes in your wedding that make odd. Many of women like to wear skyscraper heel shoes in their wedding. If you are fresher then make sure you will feel comfortable from head to toe in your wedding. Please choose a comfortable heel shoes which is perfect for wedding, dance, photographs, and walk all the day.

Fix a Budget

You need to set a budget before you start making arrangement. It’s a good to set a budget and don’t forget to include the cost of your venue, flower, decoration, cake, invitation, tent etc. There is no mantra for right budget but it depend on you what you can affords. It’s important to avoid to take big dept. Wedding is a big or special day for you but you don’t to spend more money in your event. Make a list what you want and major its cost before purchasing it.

 What Season is it?

The most important thing consider is that what the season. The season will determine your wedding dish menu. You need to check which food or fruits are available in the supermarket which is perfect fit in your wedding. In summer season you need to arrange salad or fruits for your guest. If the season is winter then you need lots of warm fluids like soups, tea, coffee and milk.

Count the Guest

Have you ready a list of your guest before place any order of catering? If no, you need to make a list of your guest according to their accommodation within your budget. Your budget and venue size is an important factor in your wedding. Each guest adds a number of plates in your caterer and chair hire. 

Choose the Starter Smartly

Apart from Dance, Food is an integral part of Indian wedding culture. Starter menus are the first impression of the wedding. Everyone knows that first impression is a last impression. You need to choose starter plan carefully and it should be in your budget. There are many types of starter; you can choose it according to your budget. In a starter, everyone enjoys to eat light food which is healthier.

Test your Hair and Makeup before the big day

Many of us very excited for your hair or makeup but beauty or hair style has a biggest importance in Indian culture. It’s important to have done by the expert person. You can also test it before your wedding which style shoot in your personality. You can also consult with your love ones before for your hair style. Make sure you hire a right person for your makeup in your wedding.

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