Wedding Reception MN Planning Tips

Besides exchanging your vows, your wedding reception is the second most important part of the wedding. This is where your guests have a chance to refresh, celebrate, interact with you as the couple and simply have a good time. If you want to have the best wedding reception MN, proper planning is important. Here are some tips on what you can do to make it great and memorable:

wedding reception MN

Plan before the wedding so you can let go at the wedding

The months prior to the wedding should be for serious planning so you can completely relax at the reception knowing everything is in place. There is little you will have control over on the wedding day so ensure you get it all of your chest, and mind, before the day arrives.

Inform your guests early

Make sure you share the wedding details with your guests early so they can prepare accordingly. Provide them with a map giving directions to the wedding and reception venue in advance. You can also start sharing wedding timelines on email a few days prior to the wedding so they know what to expect at the event. You do not want anyone running late or leaving too early because the event took longer than they expected. The ideal timelines would be to open the reception doors immediately after the wedding, while you take off for the photo session with the photographer, you can open the cocktail bar so your guests do not get too restless.

Plan for traditional events

During a wedding reception MN, there may be a couple of traditional events that need to take place such as first dances, parents dances, cake cutting, toasts and garter toss among others. If your heritage requires for more activities during the reception, factor these into the timelines so your guests do not become restless. Try to keep the processes as short as possible if you expect to complete all these activities. The more activities you have lined up, the earlier your wedding should start.

Discuss the music selection with the DJ before

Nothing keeps the party going like good music. You need to have a detailed discussion with the DJ or band about the kind of music you like for specific activities and for the dancefloor so your guests remain lively and engaged through the entire event. You can even get a professional MC or entertainer to keep the crowd revved up.

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