Wedding Nail Art Design for the bride

For all you ladies out there – it’s time to stand out! Its time to be a little different. Its time to look special and its time to give yourself a little change …! In short, it’s time for some amazing wedding nail art!

Zoe Nails get you the most beautiful and best nail art designs! We get you bridal nail art. We get you wedding nail art. We get you simple nail art and we get crazy nail art! You name it and we have it!

1. Crystal / Stone Nail Art:

So you are the ethnic bride? You might like to add that oomph factor in your style … well here is our suggestion..go of crystals or stones nail art. It looks great and gives you a very special feeling!

nail art in delhi

2. Light Natural Look Nail Art:

If having a natural look is more your idea to look nice so great, check out our collection of some light pastel shades of nail art. They not only make you look subtle but silently add to your appearance.

nail art in delhi

3. Glitter / Beaded Nail Art:

Are you in love with glitter and tinsel, and the grain appearance. Well check out the design. You can use glitter or microbeads or shimmer powder to get that effect.

nail art in delhi

4. Typically Bridal Nail Art:

For the Indian bridal whose choice of bridal outfit is that dark colors like red, maroon, magenta, pink, rust (in short, the red family!), Or any other color like green or blue, see some of our sparkling and typical wedding nail art design.

nail art in delhi

5. Bold Party Wear Nail Art:

If you are a bold break or if you are just looking for some wild and crazy nail art designs that you can wear to a party or club or cocktail function than we are sure you will like these.

nail art in delhi

There is the best of the Nail Art in Delhi. Must check the link and give your nails a new life.

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