Wedding Checklist

Wedding planning is a long and tedious process which usually starts almost ten to twelve months in advance. Although fun and exciting, it can get stressful and tiring. What goes into it is a lot of thinking, planning, estimation and decision making. Here is ideally how you should start planning your wedding, and things you need to do as you get closer to your dates.



You should start planning at least seven months before the wedding dates. Make sure to keep a wedding binder, which will have all the details of your wedding from the guests to suppliers to the venues for dates.

Approximately nine to ten months before your wedding, start estimation and has a budget in hand. This should be your first step so you can make your wedding planning easier and work around this budget. This will give you a fair idea of how much you can spend on each aspect of your wedding.


Next, it would be ideal for you to start setting dates. Once you’ve done that you can start making posts, so people are aware of your wedding.

After fixing dates, go in search of places. When you have a budget in hand, you can check out places that meet your budget. Under the venue chasing, you know approximately how many people you expect for each event because you do not want your place to turn out to be too small not too big! Also make sure that the city of your venue is located in easily accessible for those that you really want to have attend your wedding.

Side by side, keep researching on photographers, Jaimala Themes, DJs, florists, caterers, etc., make sure to note all these contacts, so they will be readily available to you when you start your bookings.


When all the above is done, narrow at the best photographers and videographers, meet catering companies, and any other service that you would require on your wedding and hire them.

When finished hiring, start listing guests who will be attending from out of town. Make a list of these guests and send out “save the dates” so you can confirm their attendance and order the right number of rooms, ideally in a hotel closest to your wedding venue.

If you want, you can also start a wedding website which has all updates related to your wedding for your guests to access at any time without having to disturb you.


This should be followed by meeting a designer for the bride & groom’s clothes. Get your clothes designed and in place at the earliest.

Four to five months before your wedding, design your invitations, get a draft and approve it.

Plan your favorite hair and make-up artists, so they are free for you on your special day!

You can then work on other things such as the list of people who will perform on your Sangeeth, the music you need and choreography too.

Two months in advance, you can start sending your approved invitations to all your guests and make calls if required.

Be sure to run through all the events and check if everything is in place.


Approximately two weeks before your wedding, talk to your suppliers just to remind them what your needs are. Try on your dress and check if everything fits and looks okay.


Coming closer to your wedding dates, contact all guests who have not responded to, and follow up on all your appointments and get your final haircut and color!

Before your big day finally arrives, make sure you get plenty of rest to look your best, and enjoy your wedding to the fullest!

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