Almost everyone in the world fantasizes about a perfect dream wedding which includes flawless dresses, gorgeous venues, beautiful floral decorations, vintage car, great photographer, finger-licking good food, and what not. Preparing for a wedding ceremony can be a little tough which result in ignorance of little details that make a great difference. The wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the best time in the life of both the groom and the bride. Therefore, it is important to arrange an amazing unforgettable event for them. There is an immense list of things that you need to take care of while preparing for the wedding ceremony. Given below is a list of wedding to-dos for the couples to make the planning easier for them.


Book an Ideal Wedding Venue

The initial measure of arranging a wedding ceremony is the reservation of an ideal venue. While, choosing the location for a wedding there are a few things you need to take into consideration such as the maximum number of guests, distance from your reception place or home, dance floor, liability insurance of property damage, and much more. Booking a venue nearby your reception place helps in cutting down the costs of transportation. Also, it is important to check if the venue can easily accommodate the final numbers of guests you are going to invite. Decide if you want to have a dance floor or a stage for the musical band. These points can help you effectively in choosing your ideal venue.

Reception Decorations

Once you have paid for the venue, you’ll need to ensure everything is perfectly decorated or arranged. Check for the table decorations and floral centerpieces with nice and clean tablecloths. You can even arrange special tables near the bride and groom for some particular guests. Check for décor ideas like petal covered aisle or hanging lanterns from the aisle chairs. Also, chairs should be extra comfortable so that the guests just focus on enjoying the event. Arrange colorful cushions if it is going to be a long ceremony.

Dresses for the Big Day

One of the major things is to look for flawless dresses for the bride and the groom. Also, it is important to book an appointment with the makeup and hair professional. Purchase dresses that are elegant and comfortable at the same time. Buy a set of pretty jewelry for the bride in contrast to the dress to make her feel gorgeous. Also, choose classy shoes for both of them that are extremely comfortable and make it easy for dancing or walking. Choosing dresses for the bridesmaids is another essential measure. It can either be beautiful gowns or pretty Indian sari of a certain color.

Charming Wedding Rings

Exchange of rings is another chief measure in a wedding ceremony. Therefore, without wasting your precious time, go and search for the most charming wedding ring for your spouse. The wedding ring that you exchange is a sign of your pure and endless love. The wedding rings are used as a symbolic meaning for the pair getting married. Thus, don’t overthink and look for a ring that is extra classy for your partner.

Order a Mouth-watering Wedding Cake


Invest your good time in searching for the best baker in your town for baking a perfect cake for your wedding. Decide what kind of a cake you want either cheesecake, layer cake, or shortened cake. Also, decide if you want different flavors on each layer thus, serving carrot, chocolate, and fruit layers to the guests depending on their choice or same flavor for the whole cake. Also, arrange a knife, firework candles, and some party poppers to rock the wedding pictures and enhancing the celebrations.

Wedding Photography

One of the major features of the wedding ceremony is the photography that is often missed in a hustle of arranging the event. However, only your pictures will be looked at and remembered by you and your generations. Thus, it is the only way to immortalize your big day. It is better than you looking back at your wedding and regretfully having wished you hired a professional photographer. Therefore, don’t forget to hire the best photographer for your wedding to capture every cherished moment and save these precious memories forever.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres


You must have bouquets for the bride and the bridesmaid and boutonnieres for the groom and the groomsmen. While choosing flowers for the bouquets, there are various things to keep in mind such as the bouquet’s size, the color of the flowers, and the price. You can customize your bouquets according to your choice. You can choose various flowers such as roses, arum-lilies, or tulips.

Music for the Wedding Ceremony

Music is what sets the mood of the guests and they ultimately enjoy the event. You can arrange a stage and hire a band, live musicians, or a DJ to play your favorite music. You can even play the music of your choice by using CDs or USBs.  

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