Wedding ceremonies tips for female Emcee

For every one’s life A wedding ceremony is very special. This is the celebration of the every couple’s unity. Now, this is most important to hire a good master of ceremony for your special day. Most often, the male is the master if ceremony. But now lots of female emcee are available for wedding ceremonies. There are some tips if you are a female emcee.

female emcee

As female, you can better understand to the bride since you both are females. The most important thing is you should focus your attention to the couple and their celebration, although as the emcee you should know the all details about event, if possible then for some minutes sit down with bride and groom before few weeks and ask about their wishes and preferences.

female anchor

You should be very careful with you would know what to say on each and every part line of celebration, for this you have to write down your script. It will be good if you remember all your lines about the program, still you should carry your script along with you at over the event, so that you may check it.

Your script should be open at least once by couple or with event manager, so that this will give you an idea on lines which you have written. Ask the couples and their parents if they want something special that should be add in script for this you have to add this as they want on their special day.

Make yourself beautiful and apply good makeup that suits with your dress and face, Your dress up should be presentable, No need to wear over dress because it’s not your party and you are not on the center of the event. Make sure that audience attention should be on couple not on you. This night of yours client, so you should make it memorable for them.

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