Top 7 Cost Effective Ideas for Wedding Decor

Weddings are amazing events, even exclusive of the decorations, though most brides and grooms deeplywish for a wonderfully decorated wedding ceremony and reception. Save money with these economical wedding decoration ideas.


These low-priced wedding decorating ideas can facilitate you plan a beautiful wedding and still have money left behind for the honeymoon.

The greatest way to save on wedding decorations is to choose a fabulous location. In spite of everything, if the location is gorgeous, you shouldn’t have to do a lot to improve the space. You can add few balloons, decor with strands of LED lights, make the venue little greener and so on.

However, if you are planning a wedding on a fixed budget, it is definitely not going to be reasonable to rent a vineyard in posh area. Think aboutan art gallery or a public park for a reception and wedding. Or if you can manage a place outside of the city, you may save a lot. Small-town locations and country settings are typically much less expensive than big city venues .

Turn to nature for budget wedding decor


Flowers may force your over budget, but nature,normally, could really help trim down costs.

Pinecones, Leaves and even feathers can be used in a multiple ways to beautify your day. Best of all, these aren’t low-cost things, these are FREE.

You will be amazed how gorgeous natural things look when positioned in a new location. With a little time spent decorating them, you can make something truly unique.

Embrace the countryside and beautify your Big Day on low budget


If you are hosting your Big Day in a countrysidelocation then this is good news for your budget!

A countryside theme is simple to work with. Twine,rope and hay bales are things that possibly already exist at your location – utilize them.

Cuddle the countryside setting around you, and you will be capable to save lots of money on your wedding beautification.

Vintage vibes arelow-priced wedding decoration choice


Selecting a vintage-inspired wedding day will make wedding decor cheaper. Vintage is meant to look old and worn-out too.

This means doesn’t mean that your wedding decor will not look ideal. You can go for loads of inexpensive vintage wedding decor from charity shops and car boot sales, which surely won’t be over budgeted.

You can tie multi-coloured or plain cloth pieces at the back of chair. Table can be beautified with a table runner.

Go for green


If you are going for a more minimalistic or countryside theme, greenery is all you require.

Ferns are an excellent option – they are really cheap wedding decor and look so graceful. They go great with creams, dark woods and whites, and also help to carry the outdoors inside.

When you are deciding what wedding flowers to go for, keep in mind the ferns too for a cheaper choice!

Pimp your balloons & save on your wedding


Balloons are comparatively cheap, unless you start filling them with helium. With this in mind, wedding decor expenses can be kept low by using balloons.

Balloon arches are having a massive moment. As you glue them onto an existing arrangement to form the required shape, there is no need for helium.

Another great idea is to save on the gas is to hang your balloons upside down. The balloons are so attractive and would lighten up any wedding ceiling.

Don’t be afraid to DIY


There is no hesitation about it, being readyfor DIY will cut your wedding decor costs.

When you buy something complete, you are paying a high price for effort. By doing the work yourself, this price is removed. Paying extra for ease may be appealing, but it may results in over budget.

There are so many economical wedding decorations you can make yourself – DIY doesn’t have to be complex. It can be as easy as blowing up balloons yourself instead of paying for them to be filled. Alternatively, you could choose to go all out with glitter and paint, the choice is yours. Or you can make flowers yourself to trim down costs of fresh flowers.

Save on Wedding Lighting



When it comes to wedding lighting, LEDs are the gold standard. They are low-wattage and have long battery life;you can reuse these in reception and wedding dinner.

LED outdoor wedding lights are bright enough to light all your reception and ceremony areas effectively. Use elegant LED strands to light the tables, dance floor, walkways, trees, and more. The light generated by the LEDs will help your guests toget pleasure from the outdoors well after sunset and keep everybody safe by givingsufficient light to help guests navigate your outdoor areas with easiness.

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