Top 5 Turkish Jewellery Collections of 2019

Turkey or the Republic of Turkey is one of the biggest gold-consuming countries ranked only after India and the USA. The jewellery export sector of Turkey has flourished over the years so as to place Turkey as the world’s second largest exporter of jewellery made of gold, Italy being the first.


In addition to the facts mentioned above, approximately 300 tons of gold are moulded into advanced and innovative pieces of jewellery in Turkey in the profound jewellery production factories or manufacturing units. This surpasses the total quantity of jewellery making handled by China. On the other hand, Turkey has its own gold mines. Various mines have been in task here in Turkey since time immemorial which provide it with the gold to help it to boost the gold jewellery sector of the market.

Turkey which was once a country with a high rate of inflation has now changed itself into a stable market economy as it optimally used the metals like gold which it had hidden in the country’s mines. Ask any tourist who has visited Turkey about the jewellery market in Turkey and you are sure to receive a favourable response. This is because of the fact that the jewellery in Turkey is priced at around half the price than anywhere around in the world and it never fails to impress because of its unique designs and superior quality.

There are universities dedicated to courses such as product design and Turkey organizes international competitions from time to time and young artists take part in art and hence, jewellery making is much beyond a simple manufacturing process in Turkey. Also, the trade show organizers claim that Turkey has a favourable geographical location due to which it becomes an important distribution centre.

People in Turkey (or Turks) purchase gold through local retail jewellery shops. The most used jewellery by the Turks include bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Furthermore, they like to invest much in the gold coins. Silver is the second most preferred metal and is considered precious and a number of jewellery is made out of it. But when it comes to platinum, you will find people seldom using it because of the high cost (or price) associated with it.


The above-mentioned facts are related with the usage of the public in general. But the younger generation in Turkey prefers an alloy of gold and any other metal which has white shade so as to form white gold and which seems more stylish and graceful nowadays than the jewellery made out of pure gold. Turkey jewellery market does not compete with well-established jewellery brands worldwide. It rather focuses on the middle class for whom jewellery is still a prized possession and tries selling the products at a price affordable to them.

Turkish jewellery never fails to amaze and 5 of the most beautiful Turkish jewellery of 2019 are mentioned below:

  • One of the best Turkish jewellery designs of the year 2019 includes 18K gold plated necklace, earring, ring and bracelet in which the makers used crystal and rhinestone. A warranty period of approximately two years was provided by the stores and online sellers selling them. The factor that might impress you the most is that such jewellery can be worn by either a man or a woman and it will never fail to look elegant.
  • Another piece of fine jewellery was a set of earrings and necklace made up of zinc alloy wherein the main stone used was resin. A geometric pattern and 14K gold and silver plated provided a look that can make any woman feel more confident and beautiful after wearing the same. A fine piece of jewellery which can be found nowhere than in the Turkish jewellery collection should form a part of any woman who loves wearing jewellery.
  • Another accessory or piece of jewellery adored by the youth today is a bracelet. Bangles are too much to handle for the working young generation who find it difficult to manage it but bracelet helps in attaining that perfect look for the wedding function of your friend or a simple promotion party thrown by your colleague at the office. The Turkish jewellery collection of 2019 included a cuff bracelet made of rhinestone shaped like a plant with a green shade of colour attached to it. Such a beautiful ornament can never be the wrong option at any point of time.
  • For people who love huge gold jewellery especially necklaces because of the royal look it provides, the recent Turkish jewellery collection also included gold necklaces which give the real princess feels. Since 24K gold jewellery is not that durable, makers prefer using 22K gold (that is, 91.7% gold mixed with 8% of other metals such as zinc, copper and other alloys) which is pleasing both quality and purity wise. If you are wishing to buy such gold jewellery, you will be able to find a variety of options. You just have to pick the one that best suits your need and budget.
  • Ring, jewellery that is subtle yet attractive. You can avoid wearing a huge piece of necklace or heavy earring but that small piece of the circular ring is sure to make you wish to buy One of the splendid work of Turkish art is its cocktail ring made up of copper with gold plating. It is counted among the antique turquoise rings and is said to have a negative effect on those with an evil eye. It gives the flawless ethnic look to your attire and at the same time does not make you appear flashy.

When it comes to Turkish jewellery to be found in Saudi Arabia, there are a number of stores and shops dealing with them. 22K Saudi gold jewellery being famous as well as preferred by makers of jewellery also deal in Turkish models of jewellery. One of the outstanding brand dealing in them is the Sona Gold and Diamonds.

Sona Gold and Diamonds was the first ever jewellery brand to introduce 22K gold jewellery in Saudi Arabia. It has grown over the years to form a strong retail network of design centres and jewellery stores as of today which helped it to be ranked as one of the topmost jewellery stores established in Saudi Arabia. It prides itself in selling some of the best Turkish jewellery that you would fall in love with. Not defying Saudi Arabia’s reputation in the jewellery market, Sona Gold and Diamonds adheres to its tag line, “Buying from Sona means quality, confidence, service and guarantee”. Jewellery of this brand is impeccable which is sure to win your heart with its schemes such as 0% exchange offer, advance booking scheme and customizable jewellery order.

Jewellery shops in Riyadh also sell authentic Turkish jewellery and Sona Gold and Diamonds is the leading jewellery shop there. It has its own factory in Riyadh. It can be trusted to provide you with the best and the latest Turkish designs.

So to conclude jewellery purchasing in one such market which will ever fall. People (or women in general) have been wearing jewellery since a long time and will go on doing so forever. Jewellery has become an important part of lifestyle of all communities and societies. People consider it to be status symbol and sometimes an article which is essential to the appearance of a human. Considering the craze of jewellery worldwide, brands dealing in it invest huge amount of resources to keep up with the fashion of the time so as to impress the purchasers and remain strong in a market economy which is growing competitive day by day.

Similar is the situation with the Turkish jewellery. Even though it produces premier forms of jewellery, developers and makers try to create more and more desirable jewellery so as to maintain the reputation and goodwill it has built in so long a time. Every year you will find, a new collection is added to the already existing jewellery collection of Turkey not only for the people in Turkey but also for the people globally. Turks are interested in providing the highest quality jewellery like those mentioned above in the article at decent rates so that everyone and especially the middle class people remain in a position to buy them. Nowadays, even the online e-commerce portals are widely selling Turkish jewellery at discounted price. If one keeps a track of the discounts and return (or exchange) policies, they can easily end up buying the most supreme form of jewellery. But caution has to be taken before buying jewellery as it is not an article with lower price. Any jewellery be it Turkish or otherwise, should be first researched upon and preferably bought from trusted brands such as the one mentioned above to avoid any kind of fraud which has become common in the business sector today. The seller will sell his product and run away but it will be the purchaser who paid tons of hard earned money suffering on not receiving the jewellery his money was worth of.

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