Top 10 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas for India

India is a land of festivities and celebrations. However, what waits every moment is the exotic lushness of an Indian wedding taking place and binding two hearts into one. Indian weddings hold much cultural and spiritual significance as the entire occasion not only establishes a strong public relationship between two personas but also, it strengthens the existing love between two people. Now, what is the extravaganza about an Indian wedding without looking into the section that proudly says?

Top 10 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas for India


If you are confused regarding the gifts that will be unique for the wedding, then take a look at the ideas discussed here and decide what you are going to gift your closed ones who are getting married.

Personalised Photographic Graffiti

Graffiti gifts are available online on many stores and most importantly, they are one of the best online unique personalised gifts. Graffiti is a favourite type of art for the young generation and if it is done within a black man and white woman figure, then you can say that this gift will not disappoint the newly-weds. Especially not if the graffiti has letters and words saying the journey of a married couple!

Tickets Of Mini-Holiday Trip

Now, if you are attending one of your closest friend’s wedding, then you will definitely want to be a little faster forward in choosing the gift for them. That is why it will be generous and thoughtful of you if you give them tickets for their post-wedding vacation to a relaxing and romantic place. After all, you are the one who thinks for their good!

Decor Items For The Newlyweds

When the newlywed couple will be setting up their own house, then why not gift them something that will add extra beauty to their married life! And if the chosen decor piece is a unique piece of artwork, then their new house will certainly be going to look exotic and more attractive.

Kitchen Items

Kitchen sets have always been on the gift lists for weddings and when it comes to an Indian wedding, this particular idea will make the bride happier. Every woman’s dream is to make their newlywed husbands happy through their cooking, so when they will have a beautiful collection of cutleries, then her dream will be fulfilled with ease.

Hampers Containing Exquisite Wines

If you are not in the country when you friend is getting married and if you are upset since you cannot send your best wishes for them, then don’t be for anymore. You can send wedding gifts to India in the form of wine and champagne hampers that will only add fuel to the already charged up occasional ambiance.

Assorted Gift Hampers

What is the best way to give your wishes to the married couple than a collection of different gifts like chocolates, teddy bears, perfumes, handmade objects and many such beautiful gifts? You can order them online, as they are easily available in many online gift stores.

Metal Statues Of Deities

We all know India is a land of religious beliefs and in an Indian wedding; the bond formed between two persons is sacramental and believed to be blessed by gods. So, you can go for metal statues of the deities since that will hold quite a lot of importance in a married life.

A Unique Couple Of Jewellery

As the craze for gifting personalised gifts to a couple is increasing, many jewellery shops or even online stores are designing unique couple gifts like a pair of identical lockets, bracelets with two birds, beautiful rings and bands and many such fashionable items. Therefore, you have a wide ocean of gifts for the just-married couple.

Personalised Photo Album

Albums are considered to hold a special place in our lives since they are the reserves of the wonderful moments we have spent in the past. This is why, a photo album with the couple’s photo on the front and their names written in a beautiful calligraphy will do the job of being their future reserve of the moments of their upcoming married journey.

Collection Of Books

Now this can be the funniest part of the gift session where you can decide to tease your friend with all sorts of romantic novels being packed in a brown packet. Now when it comes to an Indian wedding, friends and the gala is the best part of it.

So, this season, witness the love in the air and ignite a spark in the lives of the married couple with your unique gift items.