Tips To Plan A Frugal At Home Wedding Reception

It’s no secret that most girls dream about their perfect wedding day (and some guys, too!). The dress, the band, the food, the decorations and the beautiful reception. But, when the actual time for planning the wedding finally comes, the harsh truth blows up in their face. It’s been really difficult in the recent years to have a nice and memorable wedding, just like the newlyweds wanted, and not go broke in the process. Home wedding receptions are a very important part of the whole event, which usually means they cost a lot. Still, there are ways to save some money and not having to give up an elegant and impressive reception.


1. The flowers

If you really wish to have expensive flowers as a decoration, such as peonies, then you have to use them to the maximum. The flowers are still going to wither, but why not make the best use of them? For example, consider transferring the flowers that were used for church decoration to the reception later on. Why buy the double amount of flowers if you can use the same ones twice? Just make sure you have the person to do the transfer after the church ceremony – it can be the florist. You will have to pay for the service additionally, but it’s still financially cost-effective.


If it’s possible, do your own flowers. You can buy flowers from a local flower wholesale and then have some of your friends or relatives with a sense of creativity and skill make the decorations and bouquets out of them.

And the third possibility is to – use fake flowers. As weird as it may sound, you can actually have any flowers you want in abundance. And if it’s a good quality, your guests may not even notice the difference.

2. Vendors and the wedding ceremony

The good thing about having at home wedding reception is that it can be a lot cheaper because you are allowed to choose your own caterer, DJ and bartender. That way, you can not only choose the vendors you really want, but you can also compare the prices. Take your time and do some research on the available and necessary wedding vendors to make the right choice.


The wedding itself doesn’t have to be at a church, of course. It can also be organized at your home, with the guests sitting around and relaxing. No need there for additional decorations along the church aisle. Also, this alternative doesn’t need you to organize the limo from the church to the house, saving some more money.

3. Food and drink

When it comes to food, it’s not actually obligatory to offer the usual chicken and fish. Be creative and think outside the box. For instance, you can order great barbeque from a local barbeque joint or have a roasted hog with excellent side dishes. There are numerous possibilities that are cheap, yet delicious.

The wedding cake is another thing – they are usually expensive and enormous, and they end up being just half-eaten. You can have a fake wedding cake, made of cardboard with a real top layer for cutting. Or you can consider not having a wedding cake at all – order mini pies or cookie instead. The guests will have their sweet dessert immediately after the dinner, and you will save some money.

The secret with alcohol is to get simple. No need for a wide choice of liquors. People usually enjoy good quality wine and beer. Choose a couple of signature drinks and don’t expand the list any further.

4. Decorations

To decorate the house in the best possible way, it’s always best first temporary get rid of all the unnecessary furniture from the house. It’s not an expensive service to hire a company, such as Your Mate’s Removalists, that can take out the furniture safe and quickly and later bring it back when the party is over. That way, you won’t get carried away and buy too much decoration that you actually don’t need. It’s best to know how much space you will actually have available.

The thing with decorations is that you can get really creative with can actually be a decoration and where to get it. For example, your bridesmaids don’t need to carry bouquets – you can buy cheap lantern with warm colors that can really contribute to the romantic atmosphere. Secondhand decorations are usually easy to find – there is always a relative or a friend who had their wedding some time ago and saved their decorations. You can use them in your own way. Garage sales are sometimes a great source of interesting decorations – ask around the neighborhood, you never know what somebody is ready to sell.