The Right Way to Apply Mehendi – Tricks to Keep Mehendi Long-Lasting and Dark


The lovely design of mehndi and its colour has a special importance for every girl. Many times, its color either doesn’t darken or doesn’t last for a long time. This is the common problem faced by women. There is a particular way to apply it. By learning some tips and tricks, you can even get the best color from your mehndi to show off to others.

The quality of mehndi


The color that you are going to get from mehendi designs depends on the quality and purity of the ingredients added to it. There are several reputed henna artists that prepare fresh henna paste at home, and add specific type of oils that not only makes it smelling nice, but also enhances its color.

Use of sugar and lime syrup


One of the common reasons why your mehndi fails to give you the desired color is because it doesn’t stay on your hand for sufficient period. Due to dryness, cracks appear on the surface of mehndi and so it gets removed.

To increase its staying time, syrup of sugar and lime is used as a time-tested method. When you notice that the mehndi that you have applied is beginning to dry, then at that time you need to apply that syrup very gently on the mehndi. You can dip cotton into the syrup and dab it lightly over your mehndi. This will keep mehndi intact on your hand for quite a few more hours and give you bright red color easily.

Avoid application of cream or oil on the hand before the application of mehndi  


This is the common habit of people to wash the hands as well as feet with soap or apply cream or oil on the skin before application. This must be prevented because cream or oil will make the surface of the skin greasy. It will then act as an obstacle and minimise the absorption of mehndi into the skin.

Don’t wash your hands with soap to remove mehndi  ‘


Removing mehndi from your hand in the right way can also impact the intensity of color you can get from it. Some people wash their hand with the help of water or soap to get rid of dried mehndi. This will cause the color to go away with water and reduce the intensity of the color. It is recommended to use soap when it is very necessary. Frequently washing your hands while removing mehndi or during the day will cause its color to minimise.

Apply oil once you remove mehndi

To get a nice color from your mehndi, it is a good tip to always apply few drops of coconut oil or eucalyptus oil after removing mehndi from your hand. It will give warmth to your hand and increases the brightness of its color.

For beautiful color, these are some of the beneficial tips that you must follow before adorning your hands with the alluring designs of mehndi.

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