The most attractive floral safas in town!

If you’re looking for floral safas online, Safa For Barati is the place to be! Our collection of floral safas exceeds all our competitors. It is a matter of pride for us that we are among the best in the business of supplying the most exquisite and in demand safas to our clients and that too at the best price!

Wedding safa in delhi

We have started with this business with the aim of focusing on men and their grooming needs in weddings. The men typically feel ignored at weddings everywhere. From the bride herself to wedding blogs, we’re all guilty of sidelining the boys when it comes to wedding attire. Men today are tired of the mundane peach and maroon sherwani with a maroon safa. The modern day Indian men are adventurous and wish to explore and experiment with their wedding outfits. The fashion inclined men are enchanting the eccentric path and are ready to try out new trends for their wedding.

Wedding safa in delhi

Wedding Safas are the authentic Groom’s wear accessory which typically accompanies the sherwani. Safas have come a long way. From just a plain cloth, to printed silk safas, floral prints safa, jute silk printed safas etc. As we embrace the wedding season of 2018 and the hot weather that accompanies it, we present our range of floral safa exclusively for the stylish Indian Baraatis to flaunt their fashion statement.

Wedding safa in delhi

Many men, especially on the bride’s side love to wear floral designs. While florals on their entire outfit is something most guys would run from, pretty floralsafas paired with pastel sherwanis seem to have made the bride’s baraat picture-happy! Many a times weddings are organized in the scorching sun. In places like Delhi and Mumbai, you need to wear light colors to keep cool under those heavy wedding clothes. Floral designs are just the perfect choice under these circumstances. They lend an attractive and colorful mix to the look as well. From Amitabh Bhachchan to his son, many celebrities have also sported this look from time to time. If you are going for a day wedding, a floral safa is a must for sure!

What we loved is how the floral print is a fresh take on otherwise drab safas, and how something as simple as a safa can be used to jazz up your entire bridal party’s look! Grooms feel free to use the floral safa look for your own baraat as well. We promise your groomsmen will look just as dapper. And their wives/girlfriends/sisters can re-use the pretty floral fabric post the wedding!

Contact wedding Safa in Delhi for premium floral designs to suit your attire. Our designers will select the most appropriate floral safa as per your request. Our pricing is reasonable and much lower than other brands. We need a minimum order so that all your friends and family members can sport these dapper designs at the wedding. We can also customize the colors according to the request.