The Makeup Checklist you need to have for your wedding day!

Beauty is an imperative part of your makeup attire. It is indispensable for you to look great on your wedding day. Every bride wants to feel perfecta and look the part on her D-day. She wishes for everyone to look at her and remain in awe. Walking down the red carpet to her husband, everything needs to be just perfect. Allure Events & Weddings, your Wedding Planners in Delhi, gives you tips about those essential items you surely need besides you if you want that gorgeous look.

  • A Radiant Body Lotion

You want that coveted bridal glow — and that includes your legs, arms and other parts of your body. The super-hydrating gel-lotion formula contains a light-reflecting tint that blurs out imperfections while melting into your skin for all-over radiance. Be sure to apply it and make sure it suits your skin.

  • A Reliable Face Mask

Got five minutes? That’s all it takes to lock in moisture and create a smooth, hydrated canvas before you apply your wedding day makeup. This sheet mask contains niacinamide to actively illuminate and even out your tone, plus the lightweight serum formula quickly absorbs into your skin — no rinsing required.

  • Makeup Applicator

Your makeup artist is sure to wash his or her brushes in between clients, but it may give you a peace of mind to bring your own sponges, which are notoriously hard to get squeaky clean. The new mini version of the best-selling beauty blender is an ace at applying makeup to the tricky areas around your eyes, brow bones and the sides of your nose. It will help you peel off the makeup at night as well.

  • A Soothing Oil

Oil has been known since centuries to relax both mind and body. Your photographs will be sure to capture lots of pics of your hands once their newly adorned with your wedding ring. So, make sure your nails are looking their best with a moisturizing dose of the morula oil treatment. The bi-phase oil is not only packed with active ingredients to fortify your nails, but it makes your polish look extra-shiny under the sun.

Now that you’re all set to take stage and steal the limelight, remain confident because you are the most beautiful version of yourself. Contact us now to make this dream of yours come true!