The Latest Trends for Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian wedding dresses are famous for their colorfulness and refinement. In general, these gowns save their originality and ethnicity. However, modern trends have also influenced the design of modern Indian sarees and other types of dresses. Moreover, nowadays, brides prefer trendy looks to traditional ones. Well, what are the latest trends for Indian wedding dresses?

Using Gota Patti Lehendas

Gota Patti is a kind of embroidery, known in the state of Rajasthan. This applique-style technique is performed with the use of gold or silver Sari ribbon. Such embroidery gives the material a more decorative look. A design is formed from ribbon or pre-prepared individual fragments.

Gota Patti is a feature of the state of Rajasthan. During the reign of the Mughals it was used for decorating almost everything: from clothing to household items. First, different shapes are cut from the metal braid, which are then sewn to the fabric. Gota Patti is an old embroidery, which is however very popular among modern Indian brides.

Metallic Shade Dresses

Now, there is a noticeable increase in the use of metallic shades in Indian wedding dresses. This does not mean that the dress should be just golden, silvery or something like that. It must have a unique texture and fabric. But you need to be able to find the right balance between fabric & texture, using metal-like shades.

Themed Weddings and Bridal Gowns

Nowadays, there is a mass adoption of themed weddings. Consequently, a gown should fit a chosen theme. Indian brides, like many other girls around the world, want to feel like a real Disney princess. If you visit an Indian themed wedding, you’re likely to see a Cinderella or Belle style dress.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors of the wedding dresses are a wonderful world trend of the past few years, which has also affected India. Dresses of such shades are especially gentle. They emphasize elegance more than classical colors of the Indian dresses.

Previously, light pastel colors were not characteristic of bridal gowns in India. But now,Indian brides do not want to limit themselves to traditional red, pink and even royal purple colors. This is partially due to the fact that many girls do not like red colors. Now, they have no qualms about breaking customs and often opt for peach, mint, beige, lavender and other light colors.

Beach Dresses

There are many beautiful beaches in India, so it would be a sin not to use such a wonderful place for a wedding ceremony. Most of these practices are borrowed from the West, so wedding dresses that are used in such cases are very similar to classic western white dresses. Most of them are short (because of the heat on the beach).


A belt on a wedding dress may sound strange, but this is not so. The belt is always an original and relevant detail, which makes the bride’s attire special and natural. A correctly selected belt easily and elegantly emphasizes the waist, placing accents in such a way that a figure may seem to be slimmer. It is the highlight of the wedding image, which emphasizes the personality of the bride.


Capes are one of the hottest trends. Cape style bridal gowns have become a new fancy in the Indian modern fashion industry. They may serve as a main accessory, which allows a bride to avoid heavy jewelry. However, capes should be ideally fit.


Flares are also popular. Moreover, they can be called virtually unavoidable. Flares incredibly enhance feminine curves. A bride, who wants to look the most powerful and elegant person at the wedding, chooses a wedding dress with flares.

So, put aside fears, reservations and petty things. There is a field for your desires and fantasies in the framework of traditional customs. Start to search a bridal gown of your dream and be the most beautiful and memorable person at your wedding!

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