The guide to Proper Airbrush Make up

Airbrush make up is termed as the make up which is applied on the skin using an airbrush instead of using sponges, fingertips, brushes or any other method. Airbrush make up is something which is sprayed onto the skin. The main advantages of the airbrush makeup is that it makes flawless finishing Inthe make up of the person and in his or her photograph. It makes the look natural, light weight and never looks cakey. It is a kind of make up where no touch ups is necessary. It also lasts all day long and is also water resistant. The airbrush make up is largely and widely used in film and entertainment industry and modelling industry.

Airbrush make up

How does the Airbrush Makeup Machine function to make your skin flawless?

The Airbrush makeup machine has mainly the three important parts –

  1. The Airbrush Stylus,
  2. The Air Compressor,
  3. The Air Hose keeping the other two connected

Now, these parts are mainly powered well so that these can maintain a constant energy flow to and fro, from the air compressor. Some of the Airbrush makeup kits also come with an optional battery backup just in case you need to run the system, when the power from the mains is not accessible.

In the Airbrush kits, generally the air hose and compressors do not vary much. However, there are certainly a vast varieties of stylus available that can be bought for different purposes.

The three main key features of a correct airbrush stylus basically are:

1. The system should be very simplified such that it can help feed the product into the system

  1. The system should contain a point at which the product and air combines
  2. The system should carry out the action like that of a trigger.

The stylus is built to function according to the gravity, or it may also be suction or side-fed. However, when it comes to airbrush makeup, the most useful and popularly known type is the gravity fed system. This is because the gravity fed system requires lesser energy than the other systems. The gravity fed system actually puts the product into a reservoir while sitting on top of the stylus. Also, the product is drawn down into the chamber through the gravitational pull.

In the same way, if the Airbrush makeup kit contains a dual trigger stylus, it will be flexible enough to be able to alter both, the air pressure as well as the product. For instance, you can push the stylus down to release the product, and also pull it back above if you want to control the pressure.

You must be thinking, what is the use of Airbrush makeup, Isn’t it? 

The airbrush make up can be used to camaflouge tattoo or any other unwanted skin discoloration. An airbrush is characterized in three major parts. Few of the best known airbrush system are as follows:

  1. a) The Kett Jett
  2. b) Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus.
  3. c) Iwata Revolution CR.
  4. d) Paasche H-SET.
  5. e) Paasche TG-3F.
  6. f) Badger Air-Brush Co 105 Patriot.
  7. g) Badger Air-BruB000BROVIOsh Co Sotar 2020-2F.
  8. h) Badger RK-1 Krome.
  9. i) Iwata-Medea Micron – A Man can Dream

 The most important ingredients in an airbrush make up are:

  1. a) Polymer water based ~ A mixture of water, polymer and pigment which is used dry the skin and leave a continuous coating on the skin.
  2. b) Polymer-SD40-alcohol based ~ Alcohol can also be used which is used to make the make up dry on the skin.
  3. c) Alcohol based ~ This base is generally used when creating fake tattoos.
  4. d) Silicone based ~ This base helps in longer lasting wear and repents fading of the make up.

An airbrush make up is applied in a circular motion or in a forward backward motion. A dual action and single action airbrush can be used for airbrushing make up. A dual action is used to control the airflow by pressing the trigger by the fingertips and drawing it backwards. A single action airbrush is more useful because it allows the user to change the nozel between applications. A simple guide to work with airbrush make up kit is to work with a PSI range of zero to thirty-five (0-35). In an airbrush make up, the make up is sprayed over the face from a distance of 6 to 12 inches. Another easy guide to airbrush makeup is to apply the make up by layering several passes of the make up. The foundation is applied around 6 to 12 drops. In an airbrush make up, stencil is also used quite a few times to assist the difficult area’s application such as eyeliner. Stencils are also used for body art and temporary tattoos.

How long does a proper Airbrush makeup result last?


A properly done Airbrush makeup can lasts the WHOLE DAY! It just takes one application and you get a beautiful and smoothly covered face be it for any of your occassion, wedding, or parties. The best part is that Airbrush makeup is actually water resistant and with lighter touch, it does not get smudged. Anyone can apply it on without any harm, even the men! Also, the products used are hypoallergenic and very well sanitarily to use.

How is Airbrush makeup a Win-win for the makeup industries?

Below are the benefits of Airbrush makeup that can make you worth thinking of it:

  • Gives you a flawless finish and makes your looks Photography prone
  • Leaves you with a natural looking face
  • It would not give you that patchy, heavy weighted look. In fact, the outcomes are invisible with complete coverage
  • It is absolutely water resistant
  • It is suitable for all skin types and lasts long
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • The process is sanitary

How to use the Airbrush?


Take the compressor hose and attach the airbrush gun to it. For the conical base attachment, use a SP-35 metal screw-on connector or a SP-40 metal screw-on connector.


Pour the products for the makeup into the airbrush cup. When you are seeking a foundation finish, use the airbrush foundation with 4-6 drops of makeup only. For blush,  use 3-4 drops only.


Now, switch on the compressor and bring the airbrush gun to a distance of at least 4-6 inches from your face.


Begin the makeup process. Always begin by releasing the air first, then press the trigger and release air. Now, when you pull back the trigger, it will release makeup. Make sure to keep the air is on at all times during application.


Begin the airbrush makeup application. Pull back on the trigger for makeup control.


Apply the airbrush throughout moving in small circular motions. While moving see that you do not do so as not to overspray. Often stop periodically and review how you are doing it.


One thing that you should  check is that your airbrush should stay 4-6 inches away from the area and keep adjusting the dial pressure on the compressor when required.

A few tips to look into:

  1. Airbrush method is often done best when someone else does it for you even. This happens to avoid any chances such that your makeup does not get into your eyes, causing irritation or any other problems.
  1. Remember that airbrush makeup is very different from the traditional makeup. Therefore, unlike the traditional makeup, airbrush makeup can be easily layered. But for this, you should leave the first layer to dry and reapply when it dries away.
  1. You must know this that it is yet easy to undo errors in traditional makeup. But when it comes to traditional makeup, it is a bit of a problem. So use only bits of makeup each time such that you do not need to over apply. This becomes specially essential when you are using blushes and highlighters.

What are the general Airbrush Makeup Prices?

There are different sorts of Airbrush makeup systems, and all vary differently in prices. It is very obvious that the initial outlay is what costs the most of the prices  than the materials used in traditional makeup. However, once you would have purchased it, you will actually discover that the overall cost is very very less when compared to the parlor makeup. This is because in this system you require to use lesser product and that too the inexpensive ones. Also, after each use you get the same flawless finish and therefore you can use it for a long time. This makes your skin care process a cost-effective purchase when you look into the long run. In fact, this system will also save you a plenty of time as applying airbrush makeup is quite fastidious and does not require a lot of assistance. Even the tool cleaning procedure is very swift and the materials get thoroughly cleaned too.

Therefore, you must keep in mind that airbrush makeup kit and its substances will indeed cost you a ton in the starting, costing around $500 or 35,000, but as you get used to it, it will be a good decision for a long run.

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