Six mid-century modern interior décor ideas

 Your home is the central point of your life where you spend quality time and make memories with your family and friends. The interior designers focus more on uplifting the decor of the home as home is the place where your heart is. The décor is not just restricted to furniture or other material accessories indeed it aims to strike the state of mind, energy, and fullness in its tenants. If you are planning to renovate your home on the lines of mid-century modern décor than give equal weightage to the décor of the living room to the kitchen that will add an overall cozy ambiance to your home and you will love your home more as you can relate your effort and attachment to the décor. Don’t be afraid to bring your creativity into play and take a risk that would add bold touches to your décor. If you are really interested in achieving a perfect mid-century look, then follow your heart. Now the question that arises is that what is basically meant by mid-century modern décor? It focuses more on the aesthetic style based around the central theme of amalgamating the useful technology of the 1950s era to the modern technology to show love to your culture and heritage. It would not be wrong to say that mid-century modern décor is never out of trend indeed it is an evergreen approach that can be used anytime to renovate your home. All you need to keep in mind is that your home is a true reflection of your personality so try giving a balanced touch to your décor. The incredible thing about the mid-century modern interior is its everlasting quality with a magnificent blend of old and the new in a perfect symphonic way. This article can prove as an open guide for those who are trying to add some mid-century touch to their homes to revive the spirit of the past.

Balance is the key to achieve the mid-century modern look

  1. Balance is the key to achieve the mid-century modern look:

You need to be very careful and adopt a balanced approach when amalgamating pieces from different cultural eras. The secret to striking balance is by wisely playing with universal elements such as size and color. To give you an idea if you are using a statement piece in any of the rooms then the best way to pair with it is some delicate and antique small pieces in vibrant colors to fill the difference caused by the huge statement piece. This strategic approach will help you to make your home look more spacious and make it more welcoming and attractive for outside visitors.

  1. The mid-century modern interior look is all about the color scheme:

color scheme

The principle behind the mid-century modern look is making the right color scheme that compliments your interior décor. The mid-century modern look is achieved by combining darker neutral colors with some saturated accent colors. You would often see that most of the houses decorated on the mid-century modern pattern will have plain white or tan walls complimented with accessories of bold and vibrant colors. All in all, a good balance between warm and cool colors is extremely vital so play around with some oranges and reds as well. Keep in mind the 60-30-10 rule while picking up the colors for your interior décor. Your room should include 60% neutral shades, 30% secondary shades and 10% compliment shading. Abstain from picking more than 3 to 4 hues.

  1. Opt for Pattern and texture in décor:

Pattern and texture

The first step to achieve the mid-century modern look is to identify the right mid-century patterns.  The mid-century was dominated by asymmetrical and abstract patterns hanging on the wall or lying on the floor as rugs to give your home a dynamic feel. However, if you are a neutral person and don like too much boldness around you then feel free to opt for the décor accessories with one solid color. You need to be creative and flexible to make changes accordingly in order to keep pace with the mid-century modern looks.

  1. Light fixtures add a central theme to your mid-century modern look:


One common theme in all mid-century modern houses is the dazzling modern light fixtures either hanging from the ceilings or placed on the side tables to illuminate the statement pieces. Unique and traditional mid-century modern lamps and fixtures are not only used for lighting purpose indeed they represent themselves as statement pieces of sculptural art. When organizing the light fixtures keep the principle of height in mind because when hung in pairs at different heights can be head turning and mind-blowing for the visiting guests.

  1. Historical Yet Fashionable:


Vintage pieces also serve the principle of mid-century modern look because it reintroduces the integrity of the original design. As already mentioned the mid-century modern pieces have the characteristic principle of clear and fine lines focusing more on the quality of the product. To find such pieces visit your flea markets often that can give a mid-century modern look to your home. Make use of the products that you thought were old fashioned, and you feel embarrassed to use them as central pieces and have locked them in the cupboard. Now is the right time to bring your collection in display and earn some praise for your aesthetic sense and mid-century modern taste.  Learn to incorporate your inspiration from the past into the present moment.

  1. Blend leather and wood into your interior:

leather and wood

When looking for the mid-century modern furniture keep the characteristic features of the furniture in mind such as their straight, clean lines accented with smooth, curved angles. Don’t fall for luxurious and glamorous furniture pieces as the mid-century modern feature rarely feature any fancy ornamentation.  This design mostly includes wooden construction, but can also include fiberglass or metal. The most trending blend for the mid-century modern look is leather and wood that gives a sharp image to your home décor.

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