Seven Trendy and Latest Wedding Decor Ideas For 2018


A wedding is a very important part of a couple’s life and probably one of the most memorable photo-shoots a couple will do together. And this is exactly why every bride and groom tends to focus on their wedding day the most. I know how hard it must be for you read all my blabber and wait while you must be super excited to get to know some of the wedding décor methods for your big day. So without further ado, I will begin with this super interesting list of some wedding ideas!

Go Boho!


With all the hype about a Bohemian theme wardrobe and lifestyle, a lot of people have been turning towards a bohemian wedding. You’re going to need a pretty Boho dress, and you can top it off with an amazing crystal tiara, but as far as the wedding décor is concerned, you are going to need a lot of whimsical, faerie-like feel. Try considering an open area setting, lots of greenery and lots of fairy lights if there’s an evening after party. You’re going to need lots of flowers but make sure you have a selection of wild ones to choose from; roses won’t be appropriate for this theme.

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Cannabis Wedding

What’s better than a weed wedding? Weed lovers would probably say: “nothing!” it would be a magical day for a cannabis-loving couple to have a cannabis-themed décor and the trend of a weed wedding is on the rise, check this out. A lot of experts are now designing the wedding with weed decors such as bongs at the serving tables with what you may call a “budtender” at your service. The wedding may include beautifully decorated refreshment tables with mason jars stocked with exquisite weed strains. Give it a shot; I’m sure you’ll love it.

18th Century Affair

I admit that it is 2018, but there is no harm in being transported back in time, right? Now with this setting, you have two options. You can either opt for opulent and grandiose settings, like the ones Mr. Darcy would have had at his elegant wedding (Just Pride & Prejudice fans thing) or… you can choose to go low profile and recreate a wedding from the timeline for a middle-class setting. Both of the styles would look equally enchanting and unique. Do make sure that you promptly mention the theme on invitations; we don’t want a party-pooper at the wedding.


Make It A Bollywood “Shaadi”

Before you complain about this unfamiliar word, let me explain to you what it is. Do you want to do something fun, unique and enthralling? Well, opt for an Indian wedding. Bollywood is all the rage these days, and while the industry is typical to India, it’s getting popular across the globe. The word Shaadi translates into “wedding” and if you share a love for colors like Indians, then you should probably go for an Indian theme. Having waiters and waitresses dressed like Indian royal servants would look regal!


Beach Wedding

And guess what never gets old? A nice beach wedding. This trend has been around for a while and thanks to the fact that there are always new décor ideas for a beach wedding, the concept never gets old. But what if you combine a beach wedding with a yoga retreat setting? If you’re a fitness and wellness freak, I’m sure you’re going to love this idea. Make sure that the wedding altar is nothing more than white satin linens and bamboo sticks and there are white linens spread across it for sitting arrangement but instead of chairs, you can have colorful cushions placed for the guests to relax at. Trust me, it would look amazing, and the budget required for this amazing setup is very low.

Try A Retro Wedding

Another great theme with epic décor ideas is the retro wedding theme. And you can do a lot with this incredible concept. For starters, make sure a Polaroid has captured a lot of it. I’ll let you know a classic detail that you can add to the decor. Keep photographing some of the wedding preparations such as the cake’s fondant layering and the bridal’s lacework etc. with a Polaroid camera. And later, you can attach it to a burlap thread and display it near the reception for the guests to look at and know just exactly how much work went into making the wedding incredible. It’s always fun to share those moments, and once the wedding is over, you can tuck those Polaroid images in an album and keep them with you forever. This is a great opportunity for you to make amazing new memories and cherish them for a lifetime.

Let It Be Traditional

What if the only thing that intrigues you about the weddings is how conventional they are? I have met a lot of modern and progressive women who specifically wanted their weddings to be traditional. Take Avril Lavigne for instance; she didn’t wear a black gown even though she desperately wanted to at her first wedding because she said she didn’t want to make any mistakes with her dress and her image. However, she did wear a black gown for her second wedding. I want to let you know that it is okay to go conventional and rather simple if you are not too comfortable about trying a certain theme.

You can copy a royal wedding for that matter and get married in a nice little chapel and make amazing memories.

A wedding is not made the most memorable with its décor, but trust me, it plays a major role and since you’ll probably marry only once I suggest that you carefully and enthusiastically plan this day to make it the best. You might have budget constraints or other limitations, but you can always try inexpensive alternatives. Just be creative and add a touch of your personality to it. I’m sure you’ll love the results. Good luck!

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