Seven make your own wedding flowers ideas

There is something about an Indian wedding that is different in its decor from most other weddings. Indians love lavish celebrations and this reflects in their taste for wedding decor also. It is not easy for a florist in Mumbai to cater for these wedding decorations and most of the flower delivery shops in Mumbai work with wedding events people who decorate acres of outdoor wedding grounds with floral decor or the large, super sized banquet halls in Mumbai.

As our city Mumbai grows, it also changes its aspirations and its style in all aspects of life, getting married included. Many cities across the globe  had large homes and many bungalows with large gardens. As times changed and the cities became more and more crowded and urbanized, these bungalow plots got divided and apartments or homes with smaller gardens became the norm.

Being a cosmopolitan city, Mumbai was the first to adapt to different cultures and to different styles from across the globe. In wedding decor Mumbai offers the best and the most unique styles of wedding flowers’ decor.

Many global and minimalist styles are now evident  as are much much smaller wedding parties and wedding themes. I find a noticeable difference in the thought process of the youngest generation of marriageable, urban youth. They do like celebrations and festivity but they are willing to participate and make many of the required “ Do-It-Yourself” DIY themes themselves. This they consider as part of the celebrations and involvement in the marriage ceremony itself. This aspirational involvement in one’s own wedding event is the same amongst couples across the globe, whether in India or the Usa or Canada or Europe.

I have curated below, as a florist from an urban city, many easy DIY themes, where the basic requirement is spending a couple of  days making the quintessential “marigold” or any other flowers’  garland and then using it for various styles, minimalist and unique for your own wedding decor, or suggestions for building another theme around it.

Most of the unique themes are based on some sort of flowers stringing and making a garland and using the same with elan. After that each creative couple’s imagination can make the theme grow further.

Style no 1:  “Athithi Devo Bhava” A guest is a visiting God


These very simple white tuberose flowers, which are highly fragrant can be easily strung together using an everyday needle and thread. The needles need to be slightly largish for ease of use and the flowers can easily be strung. The red organic rose, this is generally much larger than the hybrid florist roses, can be hand tied to the garland at the base.

A beautiful gold sprayed basket to hold the offering and sari clad welcoming Indian beauties to welcome your guests. Much nicer than the florist made corsage or some environment unfriendly welcome gift .

Style No 2: Stringing our futures’ together


If you have a water body as an additional feature in the venue where you are celebrating, then this simple curtain strung together with hot pink carnations and blush orange roses are a perfect contrast to the emerald green or sky blue water body around. Using a thin transparent nylon fishing wire is the best for this style. Creating a space between the hot colours of the flowers with the ripples of the water, create a magnificent backdrop, ethereal yet minimalist.

If you have a driveway with large trees and maybe garages on one side, this solution is very decorative, yellow marigold garlands hung vertically and stings of tuberose flowers hung vertically with marigolds weighing the string down. The colours blend without creating too much noise and create a fragrant driveway for the guests to walk down. The strings need not necessarily be like a curtain covering all foliage but can be random and bring the eye to some special plants or decorative structures in the garden too.

Style no 3 : A flow of flowers and petals.


This style definitely brightens up the homes of those who like earth tones for their dwellings.

It does not take away the rustic look and yet adds such a proportional dash of colour of the flowers, especially the marigolds that it makes for a very welcoming decor.

In Mumbai we use marigold for all auspicious occasions and smaller festive and pooja days we hang marigold garlands in our doorways. Both these styles are simply a matter of imagination. The one on top uses the natural earthen pots as part of the design and a flow of petals are used with the edging as strung garlands.

The second one has used a marble topped table as part of the design from where flow the curves of marigolds strung together on the patio and the steps.

Style no 4: Using nature as part of the decor


No creative person nor a florist can resist a tree in the garden or at the wedding venue.

This time the strung marigold garlands are wrapped horizontally across the tree at intervals to enhance its bare bark . The delightful splash of color behind is simple to decorate. Easy to buy cheap brightly colored cloth in orange and yellow, the colour of marigolds and drape it across the background creating a stunning eyecatcher. If you use different colored flowers’ garland contrast the background cloth.

Indian puppets are very easy to buy, and are even available online on Amazon. Using these delightful arts and crafts  of villages of Rajasthan adds a very special corner. An earthen statue of Lord Krishna is an addition that can be interchanged with any other state or piece of art, in case it is not a Hindu wedding. A brass bowl filled with flowers completes this altar like design using the garden frangipani tree.

Style no 5 : Curtains and blobs of flower colors


We can use very unusual blobs of colored flowers petals of asters or daisy or chrysanthemums and also marigolds to create a ‘blob of color’ effect. To showcase such a full look, the basket holding the flowers needs a faux base like a hollow cone shaped out of simple card paper. Then the first round of flowers petals is glued on, using organic glue. Later keep piling on the flower petals, and mount these baskets on any boxes, table or stands.

The flower curtains are special and a little more difficult to make and the vertical strands are strung together on a central thick rope or wire.

They are placed close to each other to form a thick curtain. The strands are made using fishwire and tuberose. The fragrance of this curtain is too strong to be used indoors, the decor has to lead into an outdoor space.

The very unique grass curtain is a perfect setting for a tropical wedding theme. You can use elephant grass or palm fronds and using a glue gun stick the bright red hibiscus flowers and hot pink carnations, maybe one or two pieces on a long strand of grass. They are hung upside down because the hibiscus flower lasts longer. The grass curtain is used in many of the rural wedding decorations in India and can easily be adapted to urban settings.

Style no 6 : Unique corners dressed traditional or minimalist


Using brass pots and holders we dressed up a corner and set it up like an altar which might be adapted for a christian wedding too. The fragrant tuberose strings are my absolute favorite because it is one of the few flowers left with a fragrance which is sweet .

We used a combination of shapes made in brass, if this is not possible for you, I suggest just spraying gold onto various shaped containers. The idea is the contrast between the green grass and the white flowers with a touch of the red organic rose.

The other corner is majestically minimalist, yet eye catching to say the least. It is easy to attain this look. Simply use strong but malleable wire and use floral tape to cover the different lengths of wire that you will need. The flowers are attached by a hot glue gun ( yes, flowers can take the hot glue for a one time use) . This pic has marigolds, but one can use any hot colours and make that corner stand out uniquely. The flowers here are hung upside down and from dry twigs, but one can use a ceiling hanging lamp, or any other prop.

Style no 7 : The marigold trail


When you are lucky enough to have a contrasting thick, lush green lawn in your garden, this is the best visual to greet your guests. Stringing yellow and orange marigolds and making any pattern on the green lawn is a very festive decor. This can be well adapted to colourful carnations or even roses of all colors..let your imagination run wild with colour and designs.

The simple and easy way to make marigold or any type of  garlands is shown above. All one needs is thick threads, strong scissors and a long needle..and above all time and inclination to enjoy a DIY decor!

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Laxmi Lobo is a Singapore trained floral designer. She is now a retail florist in Mumbai and specialises in flower delivery in Mumbai. Her online bouquet delivery in Mumbai has won accolades from the press and has interviewed on TV for CNBC & ET NOW. Visit Spring Blossoms to know more about Flower Delivery In Mumbai.