Pre-Wedding Photo shoot Ideas: 15 Props You Will Love to Try

The pre-wedding photo shoot is more popular nowadays. It is believed to be one of the best moments for the love birds going to tie in the husband and wife relation. Pre-wedding photo shoot recreates the moment of the love affair. The couple tried new and innovative ideas for the pre-wedding photo shoot. It makes the moment more memorable and lively. It can be added in the wedding photo album or used to show off the best couple photography on the wedding day. There are tons of props you can use to make a great photo shoot. We are going to show some of the props you can use to describe the story of two lovers. We have come with interesting props which are useful in making the pre-wedding photo shoot out of the world than any. It is an outstanding idea to capture the memorable pics before getting married.


  1. Balloons


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Balloons

Balloons delight the mood. Balloons are always invited to give the special treatment to an occasion. The photo shoot is the most important event for the couples. Make it more memorable using colorful balloons. You can make a balloons backdrop for the photo shoot. Or the couple can handle a couple photo balloons, confetti balloon to highlight the love affair. There are multitudes of options for balloons couple can enjoy and use for an extraordinary pre-wedding photo shoot. If you want to loud your emotions, use a heart shaped helium balloons showing I love you message. Give it to your girlfriend, and let the photographer capture this moment. Or couple blowing that I love you message in the air is a stunning idea to capture that romantic scene.

  • Confetti

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Confetti

Add more shine to this photo shoot using confetti. Engaged couple air confetti and get the best photo shoot using silver and shiny sprinkles. Use this idea and let the stars come and wish them a happy wedding. They can use confetti bombs to create a stunning and sparkling image in the photo shoot. The couple can hide star confetti in the hands and blow it with the mouth. Let the photographer capture each and every moment. The couple can use the tissue paper and cut it down in smaller spices and let it blow in the air.

  • Food

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Food


Foodie couples this is the most interesting photo shoot. The couple can arrange a picnic at outdoor and enjoy sipping a cold drink in personalized bottles. Toasting personalized wine glasses in the candle light dinner is also a good choice to capture the happy moment. Or couple licking big sized candy or eating ice crème cones and enjoying eating with crossing hands is also good pose. There are so many poses you can do with using food as a prop and enjoy the pre-wedding photo shoot.

  • Holi Colored Powder


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Colored Powder


Spread more color and enjoyment in the couple’s life using Holi Color Powder photography. Enjoy the color throwing moment and capture it in the camera. This is a fun activity and everyone played with it in the childhood. Let the childhood days come back and enjoy throwing color in the full motion with this beautiful photo shoot prop. But couple must draw an attention to use natural Cornstarch Colored Powder. It doesn’t harm to the skin and the couple can enjoy sprinkling colors. But naturally, the couple must wear white clothes. Or if you want more fun spray paint guns is available in the market. A couple can spray liquid color at each other and get the best pre-wedding photo shoot. The color bomb is available in the market. A couple can enjoy blasting color in the air and arrest that moment in the photo.

  • Paper Props

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Paper Props

To make the photo shoot super cool and the extraordinary couple now uses handmade paper props. A handmade paper heart printed with the special message, a heart shaped eye mask and many other props couple can buy from the market or make it at home only. They can make colorful paper planes and enjoy airing in the sky. Or the couple can make a paper garland printed with love message or couple name or save the date sign.

  • Scrabble letters


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Scrabble Letters


Save the date with scrabble letters. It will reflect the date and time when they enjoy doing a pre-wedding cam shoot. Without showing photos, this is the best way to utter the love story of two people. Use the scrabble letters for defining the true love between two. You can buy the letter from the market or use the alphabets of toys instead. Arrange the letters in couple hands to show the deepest and hardcore love for each other.

  • Blowing Bubbles


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Blowing Bubbles


Let the bubbles speak the story of love. The bubble doesn’t stay for long, but that still can be captured in the photo shoot to make this photo shooting moment even more gorgeous and fun-filled. Just you need a water tub and straws to blow the bubbles. A girl can enjoy poking it and give a smiley photo pause at the same time. Be it to blow the love in the air, use it to show the clear and definite love for each other.

  • Oversized glasses


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Oversized Glasses


For the party animals, this is the best moment to shoot in style. You can choose a bigger size, colored spectacles to create a funny moment. The couple can give a pouch or give a beautiful pause to create a hilarious photography. There are plenty options of specs like heart shaped big spectacles, Pink, and blue colored frame glasses to cheer this moment and create a wonderful photo moment here. Now there are various types of party glasses available in the market. Both boys and girls can wear to get a gorgeous photo look.

  • Fairy Light


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Fairy Lights


Highlight the love side with fairy light decoration on the coupling body. Wear the fairy light or choose a location where the tree is flooded with multicolor lights. Light sticks are available in the market; a couple can use this to relight the moment. Now radium dresses available which delights in the dark. The couple can wear this type of attire like a hat or hand gloves and enjoy the sparkling photo shoot.



  • Chalkboard Signs


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Chalkboard Signs


Not a bad idea! When you are in love, you must clear this concept using a chalkboard sign prop. Display your love message on the chalkboard and use it as a prop to showcase your hardcore love for your better half. The couple can use this prop for a different type of pose and to make the most romantic and cherished for the longer time.

  • Flowers


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Flowers


Flowers always become the substitute for sharing a love and also bring the color in life. The couple can use red roses, daisies, chrysanthemums and different types of flower bouquet to enjoy the photography. It is completely natural and an outstanding way to get the best photographic moment. You can make it in the Hollywood style like a boy’s knee down and give a red rose flower and say I Love You. This photo shoot will recreate the moment. Or the flower frame is also a good one choice to make this moment even more special and lively.



  • Umbrella


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Umbrella


Vintage inspired umbrella prop is a fine option to make the romantic photo shoot. The couple can make the wonderful couple shadow photo shoot, hide behind the umbrella. Couple blow umbrella in the air is also a wonderful photo shoot. If you like you can make the personalized umbrella and capture that photo on cam. Think about the pretty girl dancing with an umbrella. It will be the sweetest and cutest photo shoot of your lovely girlfriend. There are many other uses of umbrella prop like a boy riding a bike and girl standing behind handling umbrella. Couple stand under the umbrella in the artificial rainfall is also a classy idea to recreate the moment. A decorative handcrafted umbrella is also a good source for the rustic style photography.

  • Dupatta


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Dupatta


To create a special effect in the photo shoot dupatta shadow act is the most inspiring photo shoot nowadays. Couple looking in front of each other and hide under the red dupatta is a great pose for the most romantic photo shoot. Or a boy snatching dupatta of girl, a girl blowing dupatta in the air is also a charming photo shoot moment. A boy riding a car and girl blowing dupatta in the air is also a good thought to capture the happiest moment. A boy holds a girl in his arms and lets the girl blow the dupatta in the air. It is very Interesting photo shoot idea to use dupatta as a prop. It is an amazing prop to get the best romantic picture of a couple before getting married.

  •  Frames


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Frames


There are lovely, thoughtful, inspiring, and loads of romantic frame photo shoots available, to remind the sweet story of love. It is a pre-wedding photo shoot and obviously it should be remembered for years to years. You can arrange a different type of empty photo frames hanged on the tree. You can also write some messages on the edges of the frame. Now let’s start the photo shoot. You may arrange a different type of photo frames like vintage inspired, flower garland frame, stylish and simple black frame, designer frames or you can use mirror frames also. The couple can make different types of poses and get the amazing photo shoot. This is a modern idea of a photo shoot and mostly party animals enjoy doing this type of photo shoot.

  • Bicycle


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Bicycle


Whoever wants a vintage inspired photo shoot must use the bicycle as a prop. Couple sitting on a bicycle or girl sitting in the bicycle cart and boy ride the bicycle cart is also a great thought to make a memorable photo shoot. Dual sit bicycle is also considered as the best prop to make a great couple photo. You can use a modern style bicycle or vintage inspired bicycle. There must be natural surroundings around. The natural climate with vintage inspired photography is a good-matched concept. So go for it, if you are thinking to go for nature inspired photo shoot.

Here are all the props you can use for better photography of pre-wedding. You can create and do lots of innovative ideas using these props. It now gives equal importance as wedding photo shoot or Engagement Photoshoot. This gives the pre-wedding couple a time and space to know each other better. The couple can laugh, cry, smile, kiss each other and enjoy making different types of poses with this creative idea. Obviously, this event happens at once; why not add more romance to this? Pre-wedding photography is to have just a clear fun and synergy between two people. It is the best day for the couple to give a break to each other before marriage.

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