Five Best Venues In Spain For Hindu Wedding

Hindu Wedding consists of many rituals performed by both of the families and it usually lasts for three days. Rituals are preparing the couple for their life together and the whole celebration is about joy, colors and the great union of two families. Because of the long duration of the…


Here Is Why You Must Have A Candid Wedding Photographer

A wedding album is a defining moment of your life captured for you to treasure. Your journey of love with your partner is full of exciting moments in life, so why should your wedding pictures be boring images of you standing on a stage only. The thrill lies in capturing…


Seven Trendy and Latest Wedding Decor Ideas For 2018

A wedding is a very important part of a couple’s life and probably one of the most memorable photo-shoots a couple will do together. And this is exactly why every bride and groom tends to focus on their wedding day the most. I know how hard it must be for…

Wedding safa in delhi

The most attractive floral safas in town!

If you’re looking for floral safas online, Safa For Barati is the place to be! Our collection of floral safas exceeds all our competitors. It is a matter of pride for us that we are among the best in the business of supplying the most exquisite and in demand safas…

8 Tips for Planning an Awesome Road Trip Honeymoon

Imagine two people cruising the open road and driving into the sunset holding hands while empty soda cans flicker in the wind behind them. If you think this is romantic, it could easily be you and your new spouse! So, forget about expensive getaways and crowded resorts and opt for…


A Quick Guide To Floral Design For Event Planners

The decoration of the venue for an event makes the first impression on the attendees. With the growing variety of options for the planners, events are becoming increasingly unique. While numerous items make a beautifully decorated venue, flowers are the best way to innovate with the venue decoration. Floral designs…

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