Makeup tips to protect your eyes for your big day

Your wedding day will include lots of smiles, laughter and maybe even a few tears. And, ideally, those tears will be the result of your overzealous happiness…and not from your makeup flaking and caking in your eyes.


A wedding day beauty look needs to reflect the style of the bride, but the products you use on your big day also need to be eye-friendly. Your wedding ceremony is not the time to experiment with new brands or crazy gimmicks.

Some women have dry eyes or more sensitive eyes from allergies…or just by design. Know your eyes when prepping your beauty routine for your wedding look. And, if you’re an allergy sufferer, you should also check the allergy counts the morning of your wedding…and plan accordingly.

Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

If you’re swapping your glasses for contacts for your wedding—and you aren’t used to those tiny contacts—there are a few tips to keep in mind when doing your make-up. Always insert contacts before doing makeup. If you apply makeup before inserting lenses, your eyes could tear up and you may end up with raccoon eyes! And makeup from your hands also could stick to your contacts, and, trust me, that doesn’t feel good. Contact lens wearers also should use eye products that are ophthalmologist approved…this is especially important for mascara. Some products also will indicate that they are safe for contact lens wearers. When applying mascara, a glop may smear on your contact. Don’t freak out. Just remove the lens and disinfect it.

Waterproof Mascara or Regular

While some women don’t shed a tear on their wedding day, others let loose with the waterworks. You never know how your emotions will play out…it’s a very overwhelming day! Play it safe, and use waterproof mascara. Have trouble removing waterproof from your lashes? Use coconut…it works like magic!


Don’t Use Cheap Shadow

Not all eyeshadows are created equal. More inexpensive brands have a tendency to “fall”—or drop in your eye when you apply the color. Stay away from shadows that tend to crumble easily, and always test them before the main event.  You do not want powdery shadow to fall into your eyes during your vows…instant tears! To extend the staying power of your pretty palettes, use a lid primer before applying eye shadow.

Line it Right

If you’re using eyeliner to define your eyes, select a type that is waterproof. Like mascara, eyeliner can smudge from tears and oily skin. Choose an eye pencil for a more natural smudged look, or go bold with liquid liner.

Don’t Forget the Shades

For summer or spring wedding days, don’t forget a cute pair of sunglasses! The sun can damage eyes and lead to problems like cataracts and cancer. A quality pair of sunglasses will keep your peepers protected from the sun between your many photo opps.Opt for blinged out wedding shades, or just wear your favorites.

The Number One Rule!

Never, ever borrow eye makeup. Definitely don’t snag a friend’s shadow or mascara on your wedding day. Other people’s products can harbor bacteria and cause an eye infection. Don’t ever share beauty products, and don’t let others borrow your products!

Your eyes will witness many beautiful moments on your wedding day. Just make sure your make-up and the sun doesn’t detract from your views! Be careful and cautious when choosing your beauty looks and opt for products that are safe for sensitive eyes…and don’t forget your sunglasses!