Makeup Tips for Monsoon Bridal

Monsoon season is upon us. Some call it the season of romance, while for some it is the wedding season. Getting married in the rainy season can be a romantic thing for the couple. But for the brides, but also calls for caution but opted for the wedding makeup. Rains can easily drain your makeup and dampen your plans. So if you are the one who is planning to tie the knot this season, here are some tips to take care of.


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1. The weather can easily melt your makeup half your face. So it is advisable that you use an oil-free primer and water-based foundation instead of cream ones. It will deal with your makeup long.

2. Use oil-absorbing powder to set the foundation and the last will take long.

3. Avoid cream-based makeup, whether blush or eyeshadow. Instead, opt for an improved and less powdery look. To add glow to your face serves and moisturizing makeup setting spray.

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4. Stay away from too much shimmer or glitter, as this would make your face look overly shiny and oily. Instead, go for matte bronzers. They will be more flattering and intelligent choice. Here experts from Monsoon Salon & Spa can come in handy. You can book an appointment early and go for expert advice.

5. Choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara. This set with black eye shadow on top of the liner as it the risk of derailment in humid weather in operation.

And just to be on the safe side, get a bright colorful umbrella to save from getting your makeup washed away. Keep in mind these tips for that perfect makeup have this monsoon season.

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