Lets go live on your special day!

Every person dreams of a perfect fairy-tale wedding. That cheesy dream is seen and fantasized by many but very few have the fortune to actualize that dream. Living that dream means everything should go beyond the perfection level, whatever you talk of- planning, venue, attire, arrangements, welcoming guests, gifts, feast, to sum up- everything! Every tiny thing that matters.


To ensure that perfection is attained, it is quintessential to pay heed to the minute details and grab the apt thing in each area of your choice. You would naturally want to stand apart and strive to have your event / wedding function classy and admired by all the guests.

The choices indeed need to be out the box to have the ceremony with a classy feel. It’s success is all the more really special for you. It’s the day you have been dreaming about since your childhood. The classy appeal you are looking forward to flaunt doesn’t come easy. It needs lot of labour and hard work. Trust me it shows in every nook and corner during your wedding event.

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the decision of musical presentation and DJ. on our big day. The ode to the bride and groom has to melodic and exceptional. As mentioned primarily, to stand apart it is not a very good idea to follow the outdated choices you have experienced at every other wedding. Your big day has to have it’s charisma and inimitable feature. Live singing performance for your wedding can be a very royal choice and would go just right in place with your function.

Live singing will be the icing on your wedding cake. Your day to dazzle is just incomplete and lagging without it. The melodious and situational tracks would just set the mood right for you. The emotions and heartfelt glee is spread across and shared among the guests and enjoyed cohesively. You get the optimum flavours of multiple genres and no one can make you resist jigging along. Our versatile singers know how to keep you peppy and merry. Our commitment to ensure your event goes flawless an add-on. The music just hits you at the right place and is soul-touching. Momentary songs spell the feelings at the moment melodiously.

If looking out  for the perfect and unsurpassed choice for Live Singers For Weddings function, Hinglish The Band is the best and preferred by most and is of course the choicest of all. We are available to go live on your wedding day .