Jungle Theme Party Ideas for kids’ birthday

Jungle Theme Party is has become one of the most popular themes  Kids love this theme as they can wear the mask of different animals like tiger, lion, elephant, kangaroo, etc. There are many birthday party organizers in Delhi who can help the parents to arrange such a party.The party organizers can provide good ideas that can entertain the guests. Some birthday party organisers in Delhi even have all the supplies that can be used in such a themed party.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi NCR


Many kinds of decoration can be done in this themed party. Some of them have been described here.

  1. Themed paper props can be made and tied to fishing wire. Green chart paper can be used to make leaves and these can be attached to artificial flowers.
  2. Bamboo sticks can be used for creativity in such party.
  3. Thermocol can be used for making masks of different animals. Footprints of animals can also be made from it.
  4. Another thing that can be used is air walker character who can also entertain the guests and kids can have a lot of fun with him.
  5. Pictures of kids can be pasted or put in a frame and put behind the cake table.
  6. The tablecloth used should also be based on jungle theme, as it will look attractive. The tablecloth should be used in guest sitting area.


The invitation sent to the guests should also be based on theme and while leaving thank you cards can be given which can also be themed.


Cake is the most attractive food item and tree leaves can be used in the food counter, which is a part of the theme. Besides cake, other food items like fries, burgers, pizzas or other items can be served.


Games should also be arranged according to the theme as kids can be kept engaged in them and will not get bored. Students can play monkey tag in which a kid has to act like a monkey. Another game can be catch the snake tail in which each kid holds the waist of another kid in front of him. The main aim of the game is to run in such a way that the firs kid in the line should catch the last kid in the line.

Such themed parties swill be very entertaining and will entertain the birthday kid as well as the guests.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi NCR