It’s Just a Party : 3 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Finances

No other day of life can match the grandeur and excitement of the day of marriage. It is one of the most wonderful days of life. This day marks as the start of a new journey with the loved ones. Thus, the speciality of that day cannot be stressed enough. However, it takes a lot of planning to execute the important day of life perfectly.


Every person has a vivid and different image of how the day should pass by. But all put together, a majority of them want a grand lavish wedding that would provide with a deep mark in the memory of each and every person involved for many years to come. There will be lots of fights and quarrels between the couple in the long run of life. Hence it is very important to start the long-loved journey on a very positive note. There are a lot of steps that one can adopt in order to have a wedding which will stand out of all the other ordinary weddings. It’s a get together of all family members and friends. Hence, it is important to have a good wedding invitation card design.

However, everyone has his or her own budget limit. But dreams are endless. Every person wants to live their dream life. Thus it is very important to plan up for the event so that even on a small budget, one can live the moment fully and fulfil all hi desired dreams. Some of the major steps that one can take up in order to extract maximum utility from a tight budget are given below.

  1. Alternative ring

There is a lot of things that are involved in the wedding ceremony. One of the thing which costs a great fortune is the wedding ring. Majority of the people go for diamond or gold. However, people should understand that it is a token of love and that there are no hard rules for the ring to be made of extremely precious metal. Rather the couples can go for the traditional style of rings, the pone with pearls. It is a classic alternative to the expensive ring.

  1. Hike In Price

Every year, marriage mostly take place during a particular period of the year. Marriages require a lot of commodities ranging from flowers and lights for decoration to food from the people. People generally hire other in order to provide these services. However, in order to maximize profits, the vendors tend to increase their price exponentially. With a large number of marriages around the corner, they are completely sure of finding someone who will suffice their demands. Because of this hike, people cut off on their wishes. However, one should go and speak to the vendors thoroughly. Negotiation is the key. It has been found out from a survey all across India that a majority of vendors offering these service are ready to negotiate. One just needs to address them properly.

  1. Venue

One of the most important things. People tend to differ a lot with respect to the correct venue.  Some people tend to have their special evening in the ballroom of a grand hotel whereas the other half would like to have it in a lush green area.  One m  must also keep in mind that during weddings, the hotels and other venues tend to hike their daily charges. In order to avoid this one must try and book the venue at the earliest. People should choose the venue keeping in mind the budget that they are willing to spend. Instead of going for the ballroom of a grand hotel people can opt for a  smaller one with a natural appeal to it

Keeping these few things in mind one will definitely save a lot. No one wants to start a new journey of life with a hole in their pocket. One must remember that the goal is to have a pleasant evening, instead of a lavish one.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Wedding Card Invitation Designs, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..




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