Is It Pose Or Candid, Which One To Choose?

How beautiful is wedding? The overwhelming emotions, beautiful decor, excitement of guests and the love between the couple, it’s a beautiful dream to watch. Moreover, there is a huge perk of this dream as photographers can capture it us!

So, what is important to shoot in a wedding – The sudden moments of glorious joy or the perfect frames?


Before you decide and I move forward, let’s get an insight on Candid photography.

What is Candid Photography?

 Candid photography is about capturing of the natural poses without letting the subject know to get the real essence and emotion. The word came from a latin word called Candidus which means pure or white.

Here goes a little comparison between poses and candid photography


  • Candid – The subject remains in motion.
  • Pose – The subject remains still.


  • C – No prior preparation.
  • P – Of course it’s decided.

Surprise element

  • C – Yes!!
  • P – No, it is already pre planned.

Crazy expressions

  • C – Mostly yes!
  • P – Hardly.

Pretty Poses Vs. Creative Candids!

The wait

In these pictures you can see the theme is same, its showing the excitement of a bride wrapped in the beauty of serenity and waiting for her partner to come.


According to me I find the candid to be much more genuine as the emotions are real. However, the pose is also very feminine and appealing to the eye.

Still here, my vote is for the candid photograph.

Eyes say it all

There is no doubt when people say “eyes speak”. They actually do. Say for example these pictures –


Now, in which photo do you find it more expression? Undoubtedly the pose is great and the shot as well, but when it comes the candid one, it is stealing the show.

There is a settled softness and the light effect, which is making it a picture perfect.

Carefree laughter

A good laugh can brighten up your day and weddings are all about the giggles of joy! This you can only get from a beautiful candid shot and not from a posed picture.


Though smiles speak a thousand words, laughter wins the game by millions!

The loving duo

Now, this is another major part! On your wedding how can you not have great pictures with your partner?

Here, there is no point comparing as both candid and poses can capture the love between the couples!


However, if you want to capture the real emotion behind these lenses, then again candids will win the show. On the other hand, don’t forget to click posed pictures which will also look brilliant!

And some random pictures!

Oh! It’s wedding photography I am taking about. There will be a lot of random pictures, some of which will be candid and others will be poses. There is nothing to sweat on these as the entire picture will come out great to be a part of your wedding memory.

Have a look at these pictures and see which style you vote for!

How does the photographer decided on the style of photography?

Honestly, I too was not sure of this until had a word with couple of wedding photographers. As far as they said, candid photography is something that one needs to discuss with the photographer before the wedding. The photographer then brings more people in the team who are assigned for candid shots and others click traditional pictures.

With so many photos, not only you will have a Big-Fat-Wedding; also, a big fat wedding album!

Final verdict – For me candid wins and for you?

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