Introduction to wedding stationery: What do I need and why?

You’re newly engaged – Congratulations! The question is, what now? Wedding planning can be a whirlwind and since your invitations need to be planned well before the big day, they should be one of the first things you consider. There are so many different items of wedding stationery to consider that it can be hard to make sense of it all, so we’ve put together this handy guide to make it easy for you.

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Engagement announcement / Engagement party invitation


Make sure everyone knows you’ve decided to make it official with an engagement announcement or an invitation to an engagement party (depending on whether or not there is a party to invite people to!) You can have both, of course, but it’s not necessary, and you can choose not to have either.


You need it if: you want to announce your engagement in a more traditional way than a text or Facebook status.

Skip it if:it’s not in your budget, you’re not planning an engagement party or you’re going to stick to announcing your engagement on social media or in person.



Save the Date


Save the date cards are usually sent to guests six months or so before the wedding to make sure people can plan ahead. If you are having a Destination Wedding, or a lot of your guests will have to travel, it should be more than sex months in advance. Save the dates only need to include the date and the city where the wedding will be held, any extra information can wait until the invitation itself.


You need it if: you are having a destination wedding or are inviting a lot of guests from far away. Also a good idea if the wedding is planned for a busy season.


Skip it if: you are having a short engagement and only have a few months until the big day.

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The wedding invitation itself is pretty self-explanatory. It should provide guests with all the information they need, or a way to find that information out (such as a website address).


You need it if: a wedding is taking place and you want people to come.


Skip it if: there is no wedding, or you don’t want people to come.



RSVP card


The RSVP card is for guests to fill out and return to you so you know whether or not they can attend. This is important for working out numbers for catering, seating charts etc.


You need it if:you need to know who is coming and you would prefer to have it in a traditional, written reply.


Skip it if:you’re short on cash or you’d prefer to have guests RSVP a different way (such as online, by phone etc.)


Information cards


As the name suggests, information cards exist to provide extra information to guests. The most commonly seen are wishing well or wedding registry cards, directions and accommodation information cards. Some people choose not to use cards for this, but to give further information to guests more organically, either by word of mouth, email or via their wedding website.


You need it if:you want to include all your information in the wedding invitation suite for clarity.


Skip it if:you don’t have the budget for extra cards and can share information another way.


 WEDDING INVITATION PACKAGE:  Invitation  The wedding invitation




Order of service


An order of service helps guests know what is coming up and what they can expect in terms of length, order and nature of the ceremony. They can keep track of where things are up to, and make sure they’re paying attention at the important bits. The order of service can also be used to share information with guests, such as the names of the wedding party, lyrics to hymns, or a request to refrain from flash photography.



You need it if:you have information to communicate with guests during the ceremony, or the service is long or complex.


Skip it if:money is an issue, or you are keeping things simple and have other ways to communicate information (such as the officiant making an announcement)



Table plans& place cards


Guests rely on table plans and place cards to inform them where they need to sit at the wedding reception. Without these, confusion reigns. If you are having a sit-down meal with assigned seating, they are a must.


You need it if:the meal has assigned seating.


Skip it if:there is no assigned seating, or food is being served cocktail style.





Without menus, guests have no idea what it is they are eating. It’s polite to let people know what is on their plate, and can even be a life or death situation for guests with allergies. Consult your caterer for the best wording of the menu to ensure the food sounds as appetising as it tastes. You may choose to have a menu at each place setting, or a couple per table to share.


You need it if:you are serving a seated meal.


Skip it if:only light refreshments are being served, especially if served cocktail style.

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Thank you cards


Thank you cards are vital after a wedding, since so much hard work has contributed to making the event happen. They should be personalized, hand-signed, and sent to all guests, family and wedding vendors. Don’t scrimp on your thank you cards: they are one of the most important pieces of wedding stationery and if they don’t seem important to you, guests may assume you do not appreciate them.


You need it if:you had a wedding. That is the only criteria: if you had a wedding, there should be thank you cards afterward.


Skip it if: …Never skip thank you cards.


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