Indian Wedding Decor

Weddings are special moments for weddings or future couples. It brings together different families and guests who witness the engagement between the couple and associate with them when celebrating their association. Indian weddings are complicated performances, which are prolonged for a longer period, starting with pre-order, current ceremony and ceremony. These festivities are marked by an exceptional and sophisticated decor that crowns these festive periods. It is worth mentioning that Indian wedding decorations assimilate a religious tone that dictates that type of decoration, materials and objects that are characterized by religious aspects. A comprehensive marriage plan has a special place in the heart of the bride and the extension of the whole wedding reception.


Before the wedding

This feature includes the whole family in a traditional environment. Types of decorations used at this time should give the bride a prestigious image. Includes costume change, gift delivery and precious gifts and attention. The types of decors used should give the bride a unique concentration with stunning presentations and exceptional standing of consistent elements. Traditional Indian weddings take on an impressive event and are often rendered using the décor used. Used items include curtains, jewelry, gift labels and coin bags. The chairs and chairs that serve serve to complete the ceremony and subsequent events.


Wedding day decoration

The actual ceremony is a wedding planners and a bride with a reversing task to ensure that the constitutive elements are aligned. Normally, family members and relatives adorn the groom with colorful outfits with beautiful embroidery and turban. The bride may be dressed in flowing traditional clothing, which is thus harmonized, for example, by a traditionally thematic ceremony.

The bridegroom can also be dressed to fit the overall theme of the ceremony. Clothes can be either red sari or pink with heavy embroidery and stunning jewelery. Close friends and family members could give gifts thematically with a consistent decoration of the ceremony. The celebration could be adorned with a canopy decorated with flowers and curtains that decorate the entry point. Today, most Indian marriage decorations depend on how prominent one wants to complete the ceremony. For this reason, it is appropriate to maintain a relevant theme that complements both the bride and the female overall taste and preferences. The entire wedding site can be decorated with carpets that enclose sidewalks, whether it’s an outdoor event or an indoor event. The colors used in the Indian wedding decoration are red and gold inspired by candles and lanterns. Fireworks with multiple colors are applicable for use at wedding ceremony.

Post-wedding decorations

Indian wedding decoration after a real day is a combination of celebrations and festivity. Newly-married couples and guests will get into a festive mood. Different flowers are used in dyeing such as jasmine and pink. Various patterns of tents are applicable in Indian culture for decorations with Gujarati art pieces and bandhani prints. It is a typical ceremony in Hindu religion and customs. Religious wallpaper for decoration and prints bearing religious symbols and news are available. Indian wedding is an opportunity to count for the life of the bride and guests.

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