Importance of wedding safa

Safa is one of the most chosen colorful dresses worn specially in the northern part of India during the wedding day. Wearing a safa during the wedding day gives you a touch of that Indian royalty look. Safas especially from Rajasthan are considered to be one of the most attractive and colorful one. Also a turban with a fancy color gives you the feeling and taste of that vibrant culture of Rajasthan, which seemed to be very impressive.

rajasthani pagri for wedding

It is worn specially during Indian weddings as a tradition, this is one of the most important parts of dressing for the groom during the wedding day, and without this dress it is incomplete to look stylish for a groom during the wedding day. The most important part of safa is the turban which gives it all the beauty with its awesome color made of fancy fabrics and design. It is usually matched to the color of the sherwani.

wedding safa

A safa with a complete mixture of the sherwani and indo-western will give you that complete magnificent look. Safa is a very stylish way of dressing and is also perfect for weddings, big ceremonies, festivals and on occasional day as well. The most popular ones are the Jodhpuri turban or the Rajasthani safas which are also known for their style and they are also known by multiple names according to their quality and color.

Wedding turban and wedding safa are specially made in various styles and various form of cloth like as the cotton kota, zaris, Saturn chiffon, gata chola. Even though it is said to have believed that the safa clothing style started in Rajasthan, it has now spread all over the country gaining a lot of popularity and trending all over the country. And without wearing safa, the groom during the weeding day just seemed to remain incomplete.

They say that traditionally each pattern and color was supposed to represent something with significance. Even though these days’ colors of the safas are specially being selected for the guests keeping in mind the décor, with the themes and personal choices. Safa tying has also been a grand tradition where an expert is called to help tie up all the safas. But today it is all about being convenience. That’s why safas are one of the most beautiful and colorful dress worn during the wedding day especially in the northern part of India.

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