How to Throw the Perfect Wedding After-Party

With so much hype around bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as the wedding itself, it’s no wonder that setting up an after-party is often not on the menu, so to speak. Brides and grooms are already busy enough with the main event and the life-changing step they’re about to make, so their enthusiasm is poured into other planning aspects. However, organizing a wonderful post-wedding bash can keep your spirit alive (and most importantly awake) all night long!

The beauty of it is that you can turn it into whatever you please, from a simple get-together, all the way to a massive post-wedding party for all your guests to attend. The following are considered the essential segments of every amazing wedding after-party, so read on to master the art of your dream-come-true post-wedding event!

Make it special

For large weddings with hundreds of guests, it becomes impossible for the bride and the groom to mingle with everyone and chat to all their closest friends. We can imagine that Meghan Markle couldn’t possibly say hello to each guest present – and you don’t have to be royalty to have a massive wedding with dozens of relatives coming in!

So, you have the right to keep your post-wedding guest list as small and intimate as possible or go all out and invite the whole gang to keep partying until they drop. The choice is ultimately yours, all that matters is that the after-party should be your chance to talk to your childhood friends, enjoy your favorite tunes and sip those cocktails to your heart’s content.

Keep it casual

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Unlike the actual reception, an after-party has all the potential to stay simple, stylish, and relaxed. From your change of clothes into something more casual, all the way to the venue decorations, make sure that the vibe of your event is just the right balance of fun and elegant based on your own preferences.

As for your outfit, you can still opt for a dress, but with a little less fuss to make your movements easier, or you can put on a minidress that still carries the wedding mood perfectly while fitting in with the laid-back atmosphere.

Mix it up

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As for your snacks and sips, don’t forget to supply your after-party guests with plenty of refreshments and energy-boosters to keep them going through the night. Even those slower, jazzy events need their source of munchies to make sure everyone is happy and full. There are innovative catering companies that serve lush bite-sized finger foods as well as unique cocktails to match the menu.

On the other hand, smaller gatherings with a handful of best friends and family may enjoy some good old burgers and fries, or even pizza along with plenty of soda to go around. Of course, don’t forget to include some desserts as well, and cupcakes seem to be the most favorite pick for many couples. Whatever mood you may be in, make sure to keep your after-party brimming with tasty delicacies for all to enjoy!

Pick the right location

The where matters as much as the how and with whom, so you should take some time to find the right bash location. Take a stroll down the memory lane and look for a spot with meaning and emotional value to you and your spouse, because spending your wedding after-party in the restaurant where you went on your first date, or in a bar where you met, is a great way to add even more romance to your little gathering.

However, you can also set up your event in your own back yard or even in the garden of your wedding venue if possible. As long as you make sure that your guests get the needed transportation (because most of them will probably be tipsy by that time) to your chosen location, you’ll be all set. You can book a fancy limo service or a simple shuttle to send your guests to the next location or have a few designated drivers handy for the occasion. See if you have any volunteers!

Give it a personal touch

The work is not done until you think of a few unique ideas to spice up the evening with. Make them consistent with the rest of your party atmosphere, so for a classy event, you can find a cool local band to play for you, while the more casual gatherings may as well enjoy a few good old-fashioned board games!

Or how about a night of playing pool or bowling, or setting up a photo booth for some silly selfies. In addition to your great band, you can consider some other form of entertainment, such as a magician, or destroy a massive piñata filled with boozy treats for your merry guests.

With a little bit of planning and imagination, even the last few hours of your special day can end up being equally spotlight-worthy as your very reception!

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