How to save money from making Paper Wedding Invitations?

The happily engaged and excited feelings tend to be replaced with sticker shock of wedding expenses.  While there are expenses in weddings that one can’t get away, there are also some that can be avoided and cut down. One such wedding expense that can be easily reduced to minimum that is incurred by couples is the cost of wedding invitations. Despite of taking the route of e-commerce websites, to cut short the expenses of wedding invites by choosing and creating on your own, it still seems to be ridiculously expensive.

If the expenses of the wedding invitations has led you down, and you’re desperately looking for the ways to save money on wedding invitations, need not to worry. Instead of using the stationery for invite, it would be more appropriate to look out for websites that provide the invitations with inbuilt themes at a reasonable and one-time cost.  It will save your time and energy required, in gathering the postal addresses, running after courier agencies and inquiring about the delivery status of the invites. Advantage here also lies in using your own photographs to give a personal touch to your invitations.

Put in some practical & ready to use hacks and slash down the cost of your wedding stationary. By implementing these tips, not only you will save yourselves from some serious dough, you’ll also be able to avoid some common wedding invitation headaches.

First things first though – make it clear what you want as an invite for your wedding, it could  be Save the E-Date card or a formal wedding invitation.


Plan ahead

Wedding Stationery tends to be the most expensive thing when it’s the last minute purchase. What I suggest is that sitting down at the start of the planning process and then surfing through the Internet for inbuilt themes/designs for making the Save the E-Date cards or whole Wedding Invitation website. This will give you a plenty of time to research on all the options and hence compare the costs as well. Also, through online invitation sites, you can take advantage of the opportunity to get discounts as well as shipping costs.


Buy a Web Address

The second step goes on to opt, for the best theme from the list of websites you have compared along with their costs. Keep in mind though, this is the best way to make your last minute wedding invitation , it  will also help you save a lot of time as well as cost. This will also reduce the time and stress of roaming about in the markets and cards vendors.


Use your wedding website smartly

The third step involves for you to use the website in a very impressive manner. Think well in advance, what all information you wish to convey to your guests and then you can put out the information on your wedding invitation website.

The key point to be considered here is to know from the starting that what all information will fall onto the invitation so that you can guide your guests accordingly   also you can add in the maps ,they won’t have to be worried while searching for the place.

You can include the details as if – the moment you met together? The moment you got engaged?The moments you feel are memorable?The details of the events/functions taking place?The details of time and venue where these functions/events are being organized?

It’s the most important part to make sure that they are guests given insights on key events of the wedding and they don’t miss out anything on the website link. You can share your invite via Whatsapp, or E-mail and can also share it on yours Facebook timeline.


Don’t print one invitation per person

While opting for paper invitations we need to print the invitations as per the number of guests invited, which definitely is expensive. When choosing for a digital invitation, you need not have multiple invites, it’s just like one size fits all.


Can upload as multiple images of yours choice

When it comes to creation of wedding invitations by your own, you can be as creative as you like.  With number of inbuilt features, you can take the advantage by uploading images of your choice and making the invite more creative and good looking.


Proofread, proofread, and proofread!

Another most common time wrecking ball of a mistake is to not proofread your invitation a trillion times. In case any mistake is done and left uncorrected, you will be pressed for time later while sending out invitations, for making the amendments. So it is must to proofread your invitation once it’s ready.


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