How to Make the Most of Your Corporate Event and Wedding Brochure

A brochure involves substantial amount of investment in terms of efforts, time, and creativity. With so much being produced, still a major challenge is to grab attention. Though you can hire a reputed PHP development company in order to get a beautiful brochure designed, but if it is your corporate event brochure design or your wedding cards invitation designs, then sure you would not want to take a chance.

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So, why not learn some tips and tricks to get a customizable, cost-efficient, and time-efficient brochure design that will help you market your amazing venue in the best light.

A brochure can be – a printed brochure or an E-brochure. No matter which one you are designing, the first vital step is to establish a proper template.

How to Set Up a Template?

You can either go for already available online templates or can establish a customized template for your brochure. You need two template files, one for the back and other for the front. Set margins, text layout, image layout, and other define a specific place for each of the element. Make sure the template does not appear cluttered or scattered.

  1. Pre-Designing

Before you start with the design work, find a suitable background image for your brochure. Select the image and resize it as per the dimensions of your brochure. Once resized, fit the frame to content and save.

  1. Refine the Information to be presented

You need to determine the information you want to present to your audience. Don’t overload them and at the same time don’t be too concise so that they are confused. Make sure the information includes event name, location, contact information, names of the important personalities, if any, and of course the date.

  1. Select Images

Everyone loves images. Photos or images are interactive and engaging. Be it e-brochure or print brochure, the images you select must of high quality. If you are not skilled at design elements like icons, vectors, or other artistic graphics, then you can always hire a PHP development company to get the work done. But make sure, your brochure must not be a bunch of graphics just copied and presented onto the document. They must be strategically placed and in relevance to the text on the brochure.

  1. Create a Flow

Creating a flow is vital, especially if you are creating a tri-fold brochure. You can segment information and visually it must help readers easily process the details you have presented. With a consistent and natural flow of information complemented with graphics and text is the way to creating a impactful marketing material.

  1. Take Opinions from Others

If it is a print brochure then you can use the opinions of your sales team as well as other creative personalities in order to design the best brochure. Might be making minor changes as per their suggestions can enhance the overall appearance of your brochure.

Time to Market!

Once you are ended with the above steps it is now time to place all the elements intact and print the brochure finally. If it is an e-brochure, then you just have to save the final copy in a secured place.

While designing the brochure is one thing, the next major step is to market the brochure properly as only then you would be able to grab the much needed attention.

  • Share it with Others

 You can share the print brochures with your staff members if it is a corporate event brochure. But if it is your wedding invitation then share it with your friends, family, and relatives too.

  • Place Your Brochure in Prominent Locations

Another excellent way of easy invite is to place the brochure along with some flower on tabletop accessories or other areas with aesthetic touches.

  • Email Hard Copies

You can email hard copies to those who are away from your physical reach and even to your wedding planners or event planners.

  • Blast it Out on Social Media

Inviting lots of friends and relatives is easy with social media. You just have to send a post with your brochure invitation in it.

Now that you know the steps and tips to create and market your brochure, it is time to get started and plan ahead a truly awesome event.

Author Bio :- 

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Creative Wedding Invitation Designs, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..




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