How To Incorporate Ribbon Into Your Wedding Decor



Ribbons are a cheap and simple way to add elegance to your wedding day. If you’re looking for new ideas to decorate your wedding, or just want to incorporate something that is DIY friendly, ribbons are versatile and unique for almost any decor.



Wrap a silk ribbon around the stem of your wedding bouquet for an elegant touch, and an easy way to disguise the stems of the flowers. For a more whimsical look, you can let ribbons hang from the bouquet in colors that match your bridal party. Not only can ribbons be used to decorate your bouquet, but your bridesmaids can match too! Adding colored ribbons that are similar to the ones used for your overall scheme is an easy way to coordinate with the rest of the wedding decor.


If your centerpieces need a pick-me-up and aren’t exactly how you pictured them, a ribbon can completely change your design. Just by tying a ribbon around a glass vase or mason jar adds color, and style to something that would otherwise have been boring. Use ribbon to make extravagant, bold bows on candelabras, or dainty bows for a girly touch on flower arrangements.

Ribbon Wands

At the end of the evening, it’s a tradition for your guests to give you a farewell, or send off. Instead of tossing the usual rice, or rose petals, why not make ribbon wands? You can tie any piece of ribbon to the end of a dowel rod and let your guests wave them back and forth as you, and your groom exit the building. This send off favor will look great in photos, and you won’t have to pick confetti out of each other’s hair!


The sweetheart table is always the focal point at a wedding, and to make your table truly special, ribbon garland adds a classy touch. Ribbon garland is simple to make and won’t cost a lot! Get a long piece of string (or ribbon), and cut it to the length that you would like it to hang. Then cut various strands of other ribbon; you can use all sorts of textures, patterns, and colors to really make it stand out. Cut the ribbon all at the same length, then tie the pieces in a simple knot (like one you would use to tie your shoelaces) around the main string. You can space them apart, or bunch them up real close together for a full effect. Once done you can hang it across the front of your table, or above your heads!


Most venues will provide you with chairs for your wedding day, but often times those chairs aren’t always the most appealing. If you need something to jazz up a drab folding chair at your ceremony, an elegant ribbon can easily be tied around the back of the chair. There are so many different ways you can experiment with to tie your ribbon, if bows don’t match your style, criss cross ribbon in between one another for a woven look, or try braiding ribbons together for an intricate design.


Pre-designed wedding backdrops can get costly, so a cheaper and more creative alternative is making a ribbon backdrop. Using pvc pipe to create an arch, tie ribbons around the pipe and let them hang. Add enough so the backdrop is full and you can no longer see the piping. To make it personal you can add flowers, candles, or monogrammed initials to the design. Budget-friendly and easy to make for those who aren’t crafty, a ribbon backdrop allows you to experiment with different ideas to make the picture perfect focal point when you say your “I Do’s.”


Any type of paper invite, menu, programs, etc. that you will be using for your big day, can easily have a ribbon tied around it for flair. Instead of spending money on intricate designs on your invitations, a simpler print will look just fine if you add a ribbon to each one, and it will save you money on costly printing!



Brides and grooms spend a lot of money to have the perfect cake on their wedding day. But, it’s something that will be cut into pieces at the end of the night. If you want to add a classy look to your wedding cake, adding a silk ribbon around the bottom of each layer enhances the design. Since ribbon is so versatile you can even get lace or jeweled ribbon for something that’s more dramatic!

Tent Decor

For the more extravagant bride, if your wedding is taking place in a tent, or a space that the ceiling just isn’t too eye-catching, you can create a handmade ribbon design for breathtaking pictures. Lots of long strands of ribbon can be hung from the ceiling, mixed in with a few strands of white lights, to completely transform a drab ceiling. Instead of draping white fabric, mix it up with bunched up strands of ribbons in all sorts of colors and styles.


One idea you probably would have never thought of, is adding ribbon into your hair design. The bohemian bride would love a thick braid, with woven strands of sparkly ribbons and lace into her hair. Your bridesmaids would love to match with a flower crown full of ribbon styles. They can even create their own, and use it as an excuse to all get together before the wedding for some bonding time with your girls, and arts and crafts!

Table Runner

Not every venue provides tablecloths or linens, and one less vendor to deal with on your wedding day can put you at ease. Instead of a traditional tablecloth, or table runner, create your own personal design that’s unique to your style and taste by gluing together long pieces of ribbon to line the table. Something this eye catching and dramatic won’t need extravagant centerpieces either, and will make it easier to decorate.

Wedding decor comes in all varieties and styles, and on your big day you will want to make sure your personal flair stands out! Using ribbon in your overall look is an affordable way to enhance your decorations, and is simple enough to make all on your own. When shopping for ribbon supplies, remember to stick to your color scheme and style, that way your ribbons will match with the rest of your decor.

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