How to Hire a Band or DJ for Wedding: What You Should Know

Entertainment is the one aspect at your wedding that needs to be really good in order to keep your guests engaged all the time while you are busy getting ready or having your photography shoot. Besides, you would certainly need a DJ or band that can play music while you have a wedding dance with your partner so you must ensure that you have the best people as entertainers for your special day.

Trust us, your wedding day can turn out to be really fun or utterly boring for you and your guests depending on the type of music that is being played all along the ceremony and reception. So, we have compiled a list of questions that you can ask the band, Wedding DJ or other entertainers while evaluating them.

How Would They Describe Their Style?

It is important for you to know if their music style will sync with your celebration vibe. You would certainly not want a band playing rock and roll at the ceremony if you are looking for an elegant event where people can converse casually. And if you are having trouble deciding what kind of musicians would suit your setting, take some advice from your wedding planner.

Can You Visit Their Upcoming Event?

Watching and listening to them play live would give you a more appropriate idea about how your wedding day would sound and feel like. Some of the bands actually arrange for small shows as a demo for their clients. However, in case that doesn’t seem viable, you can ask them to provide with the recordings of their live shows.

Can They Play Songs That Are Important to You?

In case you want them to play some traditional songs or the music of your favorite genre/artists, will they be comfortable in playing those tunes? If they say “yes” to your proposal but they would be required to learn it or hire some outsider for that, ask them about that additional charges that you would have to pay for it.

How Many Musicians and Vocalists Do They Have?

You should know if you DJ works alone or are there any partners that he has tied up with (or will be tying up with to provide you the music that you desire), or if it is a band. Knowing that if you have options to choose from would ensure that you pick the ones that suit your requirements. However, remember that as small the band, the more affordable they would be.

Would You Be Required to Arrange for Equipment and Instruments?

Ask them about the instruments that they will be bringing to the wedding and if you are required to make arrangements for any equipment that they might require. Also, ask if there will be any arrangement to hide the equipment (for instance, with draping). After all, you don’t want your wedding venue to look like a musical instruments store.

Note that your wedding planner would be able to help you the best with choosing the right DJ within your budget as they have contacts in the market and can thus get you the best deals. So, trust them!

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