How Olive Oil Reduces Body Pain?

Massaging with olive oil is nothing new. Children and adults have equally enjoyed the benefits of olive oil massage for ages. Ancient Greeks used olive oil to treat a wide range of diseases. Olive trees originally grew in the Mediterranean region and later spread to different parts of the world.Today, olive oil is used as a major pain relieving oil. Whether you consume it through food or massage your body with it, this exotic oil from the Mediterranean can release the tension in your muscles and render comfort.

This article reflects on the benefits of this oil in relieving pain.

Relieves Body Pain

Olive oil is used to feel relief from acute pain. The oil treatment can address muscle spasms and body aches that make your life difficult. If you feel your hand or feet muscle spraining after a day’s hard work, you can use olive oil to massage your limbs. It is normal for people to use over-the-counter medicines to get relief from swelling, joint pains or muscle sprain.

What is often forgotten in the urge to get quick relief is that these medicines have a temporary effect. If you want to get relief to the core of your muscles and tissues, you should opt for therapeutic massages. Olive oil massage is one of the most therapeutic massages available in the modern world.

This essential oil has also been used in India for many years. Ayurvedic healers suggest their patients to avail the benefits that come with olive oil. If you are an arthritis patient or suffer from gout, you can choose to find relieveby applying olive oil on your body. It consists of a chemical compound called “Oleocanthal.” It is an anti-inflammatory agent and checks the production of the enzymes COX-2 and CoX-1, which promote inflammation. You can mix this muscle release oil with geranium or rose oil to get the perfect stroke of aromatherapy. In the event that you are looking for quick, effective and lasting impact, you can combine the massages with yoga and some free-hand exercises.

Alleviates Stiffness in Back and Neck

Stiffness in the back and the neck region has become a common ailment in the modern world. Most people lead a corporate lifestyle wherein they have to sit at a desk for hours and work on a computer. This sedentary lifestyle has made it difficult to relax and rejuvenate. Moreover, most people nowadays prefer to sit in the comfort of their homes or offices to get their work done. Whether you are paying bills or shopping,online transaction is the most common practice. As a result of this, the body does not get a chance to move about and the muscles stiffen. Even if you indulge in little bit of exertion, the body cannot accept the change and pain starts.

Massage your neck and back with warm olive oil and do some exercises to get rid of the stiffness you feel. The massage increases blood circulation in the area and releases tension from that area. It also enhances the flow of energy in the back and neck region.

Besides relieving pain and stiffness,olive oil is also used to cure dry skin, treat cellulite, decrease dandruff, reduce stretch marks, check sunburn and help in treating a variety of health conditions.

Massage with olive oil everyday to get a fit and strong body.

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