Honeymoon: Let the sparks fly at these 12 hidden romantic places in Himalayas


After the wedding festivities and celebrations, couples retreat for their honeymoon. It’s at their honeymoon destination that couples get to oil the wheels of their marriage with love and plans for the future. The choice of the honeymoon destination is thus very important to ensure that you and your bride get to enjoy yourselves better. The destination for your honeymoon should be free of noise and other distractions that can make this special moment less glamorous. It should be calm for you and your partner to enjoy romance during this special occasion. In that regard, we present you with 12 hidden destinations in the Himalayas that will help you that are ideal for that.

  1. Pangot in Uttarakhand.


Located deep in the region of Nainital, Pangot is one of the hidden romantic places in the Himalayas that you and your bride can explore for your honeymoon. Pangot is home to various species of birds and this makes for a romantic atmosphere for you and your loved one.

2. Khirus, Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is the romantic capital of the Himalayas and another hidden romantic destination for you and your loved one is Khirus. Khirus is covered with vegetation and this gives you the perfect setting for romance. It is located miles away from the city and this adds to its suitability as a hidden romantic destination.

3. Chaukori, Uttarakhand


This is another hidden destination in Uttarakhandthat you and your loved one can visit for your honeymoon. The dense forests in Chaukorigive the place a mystical feel ideal for romance and love making.

4. Kokernag, Kashmir.

Lush green gardens and fresh water springs are some of the attractions of Kokernag. Couples looking a hidden yet romantic gateway for their honeymoon should visit Kokernag which is located in the Anantnag district.

5. Kupwara, Kashmir.

Located in the Kashmir region, Kupwara is surrounded by magical streams and majestic greens that create the perfect scenery for a honeymoon. The Himalayas ranges are also visible from here and this takes your honeymoon experience to another level.

6. Mashobra, Shimla.

Located in the little-known town of Shimla, Mashbora is the best hidden spot for your honeymoon. What makes this place appealing isits beautiful natural surrounding that contains beautiful orchards and strawberry fields. This makes for a refreshing landscape ideal for romance and wild cheer.

7. Ravalanga, Sikkim.

If you are looking for a breathtaking scenery that is hidden and exotic, then you should visit the small town of Ravalanga in Sikkim. What makes this place stand out is its evergreen surrounding as well as its beautiful landscape and natural features. Sunrises are particularly beautiful in Ravalanga, something that you and your partner will definitely enjoy.

8. Batseri, Himachal Pradesh.

Located deep in the valley of Kinnaur, Batseri offers couples with a secluded yet exotic destination for their honeymoon. Featuring green forests and a mountainous landscape, everything that you and your partner desire for a romantic experience is right here at Batseri.

9. Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh.

This is another location in Himachal Pradesh that you and your partner can explore for your honeymoon. Thanedar is known for its tranquil nature, presenting you and your loved one with a serene environment for your romantic expeditions. Orchards and cherries are present within the surrounding creating the perfect environment for romance.

10. Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir.

Located in the remote state of Jammu and Kashmir, Pulwama featuresclear skies and expansive fields ideal for outdoor excursions for you and your partner. There are amazing wetlands as well that make for gorgeous scenes.

11. Haflong, Assam.

Haflong combines astonishing beauty and a rich heritage that will spice up the romantic experience for you and loved one. That fact that Haflong is located far away from the city makes it a calm and tranquil location for your honeymoon.

12. Triund, Himachal Pradesh.

Triund, which hosts the Triund trek, is an ideal destination for couples looking to enjoy a quiet and secluded honeymoon. Other attractions in Triund include the majestic Dhauladhar ranges and beautiful streams. When booking a Himalayas tour for your honeymoon, insist of a visit to this amazing place.



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