Here Is Why You Must Have A Candid Wedding Photographer

A wedding album is a defining moment of your life captured for you to treasure. Your journey of love with your partner is full of exciting moments in life, so why should your wedding pictures be boring images of you standing on a stage only. The thrill lies in capturing those moments of laughter, tears of joy and wonder at the festivities during a grand Indian wedding. The good news is that all this and more can be truly achieved by a skilled candid wedding photographer. Here are reasons why even the best wedding photographers in Delhi, and the rest of India, believe you need to have a candid photographer at your wedding.

candid wedding photography (1)

  1. Capture pre-wedding preps

Getting ready for the big moment is definitely as exciting as the wedding itself. Candid photography captures the hectic, yet fun-filled process of everything that goes into orchestrating an elaborate wedding. Cherish the makeup artist’s Picasso-like touch on the bride as she gets ready for one of the most memorable moments of her life. Candid photography pays close attention to detail and focuses on everything including memorable accessories kept as the bride and groom get ready.

candid wedding photography

  1. Emotional connect of loved ones

In old fashioned wedding photography, the focus was on planned images with everything staged around the bride and groom. While it is the couple’s special day, every new couple want to remember and witness the joy of their loved ones on their special day. Candid photography captures everything from the eclectic baraat, to the mother’s tears of joy, children’s carefree playfulness, and the look of contentment and love all around.


  1. Photograph fun and frolic

As any experienced wedding photographer will tell you, the best pictures from a wedding capture the fun and when no one knows the lens is clicking. It is for this reason that the best wedding photographers in Delhi always prefer to have candid camera action ready. The happy-go-lucky dancing at the cocktail party, the bubbly mehendiafternoon, the exciting sangeet soiree, and finally, the auspicious wedding itself all give hundreds of moments of pure, unstaged emotion.

  1. Shoot wedding themes in sync

A lot of elaborate preparations go into a wedding and its preceding events. Most couples and their families prefer to hire a skilled wedding planner to make the day memorable. With special themes and dress codes chosen for the cocktail, mehendi,sangeet and reception, candid photography is the best way to really capture the how every tiny detail comes together like the drops to create a massive and beautiful ocean that is a wedding.

  1. Tell a story

Ultimately, your wedding is your story; a fairy-tale you can relive time and again through your images. And, candid photography does just that. Right from the start of the festivities, the candid shots capture every smile, tear of joy, heartfelt happiness, and warm hug that takes place in the beautiful surrounding of love that is your wedding day. These stories are woven together in images that you will cherish with your loved ones forever.