Go for our wedding safa in Delhi

Special day needs special attention of each and every detail of that occasion. The wedding ceremony is equally important for both Bride and Groom. The groom needs to look perfectly dressed with complementing accessories. Heavily embroidered Sherwani with matching mojdis (Traditional footwear for boys) with stylish safa and pinned kalgi glorify the look of the groom.


 Safa which can be called turban or pagri makes groom look different and royal in his wedding. Nowadays lots of trends are coming for safas. Like Floral safa introduced by designer sabhyasachi, printed safa, gujrati leheriya and many more which help groom to look both stylish and traditional.

Baratis or relatives can also wear safas based on one theme. If somebody finds it difficult to tie safas for so many people it’s not an issue. For this service also professionals can be assigned who are specializes in tying safa. Don’t bother about the quality they use premium quality safa. If buying is not in your budget for baratis safa can be rented for that particular day or for different day’s variety of options are available to choose from.

From different regions of India, there is different way of tying these safa. Rjasathani, mewari, banarasi and marathi have different ways of tying turban. The groom can choose any convential look as suits to his attire. Always prefer a kalgi with safa for the regal look of the groom. Studded brooches or feathers or dangling chain can be an option for kalgi.

Perfect fit is very important as if any loose gap is their don’t be like its okay. It can ruin your attire and easily drop from your head, which can be embarrassing. Customize your safa according to your fit. Bollywood actors creating a trend of custom fit safa which give them comfort and trendy look with their attire.

Why boys have all the fun also applies here. Bridesmaid is also trying this safa trend and girl custom safa are also available in the market. The groom can match their safa with the bride dress as their looks get contrasted and their picture will become picture perfect.

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