Five Best Venues In Spain For Hindu Wedding

Hindu Wedding consists of many rituals performed by both of the families and it usually lasts for three days. Rituals are preparing the couple for their life together and the whole celebration is about joy, colors and the great union of two families. Because of the long duration of the wedding it is important to find a good venue for the celebration. Weddings tend to also have a great amount of participants so the size and other resources of the venue are crucial matters. When choosing the venue it is also good for the couple to remember that the location should be proper for all the traditions and rituals of the Hindu wedding.

In this post Perfect Venue presents you five best venues in Spain for a Hindu wedding that are answering to the requirements of the three day-ceremony.

Venue 1. Palace Aldovea


Aldovea is impressive palace of the XVIII century and it suits well for huge Hindu weddings because of its capacity which is 550 people. The palace has massive gardens with arbors, ponds and fountains and the gardens capacity is actually more than 550 people. Views in this wedding venue are spectacular with its large building and green nature and also the service in there is always precise. Palace Aldovea is located only 25 km from Madrid.

Venue 2. La Quinta de Jamara


Quinta de Jamara has a capacity for 900 guests and it is only 30 minutes drive by car from the Madrid centre. This venue is exclusive with 11,000m2 of garden and it is very functional with all its open space, porches and different rooms. We recommend this venue for your Hindu wedding; it has all the couple could possibly need for their big day(s) and it adapts to all the needs of the ceremony.

Venue 3. Castle Vinuelas


For Hindu wedding you need a useful venue with lots of space so that guests can be comfortable in every area. Castle Vinuelas is ideal for your event because it has large rooms and gardens, the capacity of the venue is 1000 people and it is only 15 minutes drive by car from Madrid centre. This venue also offers you privacy since it’s in the heart of a protected forest.

Venue 4. La Quinta de Illescas


This location has some romantic, rustic but modern vibes. It’s beautiful with its gardens, different plants and fountains and besides the amazing outdoor space there is different indoor spaces for your use. There are many lounges in La Quinta de Illescas and you can also decorate the one you are using as you please. Venue is located 30 km from Madrid and it has a capacity for 500 guests.

Venue 5. Cerdanyola Castle


Cerdanyola Castle or The Sant Marcal is a fairytale venue owned by the same family for 700 years. There is a renovated wine cellar room, huge annex hall and magnificent gardens and the capacity is for 800 people. Every event in this venue is unique and exclusive experience. Cerdanyola Castle is 20 minutes drive by car from Barcelona.

We hope that finding a venue for your Hindu wedding in Spain is now easier. These five venues are filling all the most important requirements; they have space for large dimensions, big gardens and lounges, and versatility. What are you waiting for? Book now your wedding venue of dreams and get ready for the experience of your life. If you want to look for more venue options visit our page Perfect Venue.