Filipino Weddings: Best Filipino Fusion Dishes to add on Your Wedding Day!

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” –James Beard

A Filipino wedding is one of the biggest occasions and events a Filipino couple would experience in their lives. It marks the union of two individuals who are about to start their life together. With this in mind, it would be no absolute wonder that the wedding reception would be such a highlight of the wedding day with food as the main highlight. In fact, couples would spend months just trying to sift through the different event venues in Manila for the perfect spot of their reception. Guests would converge around buffet tables or cocktail refreshments and the couple who had strived to make this happen would certainly want to impress them by enticing their taste buds and indulging their appetites.

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There is no doubt that one of the main stars of the food table would be the world renowned Lechon (or roasted pig if you may) as this is the star of almost every Filipino event. From baptisms to birthdays, the Filipino roasted pig would always grace the table so it has its rightful place (or two) during Filipino weddings. However, a truly traditional Filipino wedding reception goes beyond making the Lechon the centerpiece of a buffet table, it incorporates traditional Filipino food as well and finds a way to work it seamlessly into the menu. If you want to orchestrate a Filipino reception party but are still keen on including foreign favorite cuisines, you do not have to overhaul and “filipinize” your menu. In fact, a creative and unique way of doing this is to fuse two kinds of cuisines together to make one distinctly tasty dish. Collaborate with your caterer and see if you can manage an exceptional menu. In any case, here are some of the different Filipino dishes you can serve at your wedding reception:

1.) Pork Adobo Panini

Paninis are great appetizers and even greater additions to cocktail buffet tables. Take them up a notch by incorporating one of the best and well-known Filipino comfort foods, Adobo. As panini is typically served during cocktail parties, it would make sense to make them as an addition to your appetizers in the designated cocktail buffet table. These little sandwiches are often stuffed with bacon, cheese and ham among others. Adding a bit of Adobo in the sandwich gives it not only a uniquely Filipino taste, but a homey feeling to your guests.

2.) Pinakbet Pizza

While most individuals cannot fathom such a creation, Pinakbet pizza is actually a quirky and fun way to serve two kinds of food in one dish. Though sisig is the popular beer match choice of Filipinos, Pinakbet is the healthier alternative. It is typically consumed during drinking sessions as is pizza for our western counterparts. The fusion of these two tasty recipes is not only unique, but healthy as well. Your health conscious guests would thank you for this vegetable alternative appetizer. To make it even tastier, have the pizza topped with vegetables drizzled with a blend of the popular Ilocano fish sauce.

3.) Filipino Style Seafood Carbonara

Carbonara is a great cheesy and creamy pasta dish that almost everyone loves. For a unique and creative Filipino twist, make the carbonara with spaghetti instead of the traditional bucatini, fettucine or rigatoni. To make it even more Filipino, use seafood such as Tuna, Squid, Mussels and Shrimp that would altogether make for a fascinating and delicious dish. As Filipinos are known to have an appetite for carbohydrates or rice, so strategically place your seafood carbona along with the main dishes for the reception.

4.) Smoked Bangus Canapes

Have these bite sized sandwiches as the centerpiece of your ap[petizer cocktail table and delight your guests not only with a tasty dish, but a fun one as well. Smoked Bangus Canapes are often noted for the tingling sensation they leave in your mouth after a bite. They are often characterized as being either being spicy or salty, but nonetheless tasty. As the Bangus is known to be the Philippine’s National Fish, it would only be appropriate to have this blend with a typically French cuisine to be served in your wedding. To make the dish truly authentic, have it matched with suka siling labuyo or pickled chili dip and a glass of genuine Filipino Wine.

5.) Filipino Chocolate fondue with fruit platter

Chocolate fountains are all the rage now and they are found in almost every birthday party. Give an entertaining spin to your cocktail table by including one as well, but instead of serving traditional fruits along with such as apples, go Filipino. Use Filipino fruits such as guava, dragon fruit, bananas and the like. The chocolate fondue is indeed a great way to serve your dessert—not only is it tasty, but eating it would be a fun experience as well.