Everything to Know about the Importance of Mehendi Ceremony – Know the Auspiciousness

Since many years, mehendi has played a very important role in Indian as well as various other weddings. In the mehendi ceremony, a thick paste made from natural herbs is applied on the hands of the bride in intricate shapes and designs. Once the paste dries, it leaves a beautiful colour behind. Though mehendi ceremony is considered auspicious in Indian as well as Arabic traditions, most of the brides are unaware about its significance.

Every bride who is about to get married must know the importance of mehendi in their tradition, so that they can enjoy the ceremony much more and can value their design. In every tradition, henna holds a different significance. While in some traditions, it is important, in many other traditions, it is just an accessory to be worn by the bride just like her outfit. In this article, we will be discussing about the significance of henna in Indian culture and what are some of the essential factors attached to it.

Knowing mehendi as a traditional ritual – What is so special about it?


In Indian tradition, the ceremony of applying henna to the hands and feet of the bride is one of the ancient ritual. While earlier, the designs were more basic and were meant to just decorate the hands, these days, the designs have become more elaborate and prettier. Here are some facts to know about mehendi as a traditional ritual –

  • Mehendi tradition is often followed by the countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. It is also widely popular in the Middle Eastern countries. According to the ancient Islamic literature, the same paste was used by the Prophet in order to tint his beard properly.
  • In the ceremony, all the ladies of the house sit together and get mehendi applied by the professional artists. Earlier, the ladies would draw various designs on each other’s hands without any professional help.
  • The ceremony also includes various traditional songs to mark the new beginning of the bride.

The main customs however, may depend from family to family.

What is the importance of mehendi ceremony in the Indian Tradition?


A bride is asked to look through various kinds of mehendi designs to select the one which suits her the best. Professional artists are called to replicate the chosen design. Each aspect of the mehendi reveals something or the other. Here are some facts about the importance of mehendi ceremony in Indian tradition –

  • The darker the colour of the mehendi, the deeper will be the love between the groom and the bride.
  • Apart from this, the colour also depicts the deepness of the relationship between the mother-in-law as well as he bride.
  • The longer the colour of the mehendi remains, the better it will be for the new couple.
  • In many traditions across the world, mehendi also signifies the fertility of the bride.

The name of the groom is often drawn in scattered letters. If the groom can find his name hidden in the henna design, it depicts that there will be more understanding among the couple. Many times, the groom is also required to put henna on his hand.

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