Easy Make-up Guide to Rock Your Winter Wedding

While summer weddings are all about sun-kissed makeup, winter is the time to flaunt your subtle winter glow. If you plan to get wed during the winter season then, you will come across the reason to celebrate your big day with flower bouquets filled with red, orange and yellow colours and decorations comprising of berries and pine cones. To compliment the season’s beauty, you can wear subtle makeup that depicts winter. Winter depicts certain themes of colours like peach, light pink, rose, light brown, dark berry and red. When this winter colour palette is incorporated in your bridal makeup, you are sure to look like a celestial princess just arrived on earth. Be it a dark lipstick or a lighter shade for your cheeks, each and every detail should reflect winter.

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If you are wondering how to get the perfect winter wedding makeup done here is a guide for you:

Moisturize your skin first– Winter is all about dryness and paleness, but let that not ruin your wedding look.

How to do

Apply a non-sticky moisturizer first before starting off to provide your skin with the hydration that it requires. Also reapply whenever you feel the need to nourish your skin that is going to make your skin glow instead of letting it stay dull.

Apply light foundation on face– If you are not a makeup person, then suddenly grabbing all the items from your makeup kit can be too much to pile on. Let your wedding look define you.

How to do

Do not overdo your makeup and choose to apply a cream based foundation that doesn’t chaps away. Match the shade of the foundation with your skin tone first and then do a patch test to see if it suits you or not. Applying a good foundation can highlight your face which is extremely essential for photographs.

Use pink or rosy blush for cheeks–You definitely should have a rosy glow on your cheeks when you know you are a winter season bride.

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How to do

To make the cheeks more glowing, go for pinkish or rosy shades of colours ordered using promo code for Purplle. Use a blush brush to loosely apply the blush to your cheeks to get the much desiring glow complimenting winter. Don’t overdo the cheeks and keep the look natural.

Opt for smoky eye shadows-Winter being the season of soberness goes for a minimalistic approach when it comes to picking up a shadow shade for your flawless skin.

How to do

A light shadow, more towards a greyish or light brownish tint can brighten up your eyes and make it look even bigger and detailed. Use one lighter and another bit darker colour to highlight the contours and define the eyes.

Line your eyes with matte eyeliner-The only way to be the classic beauty queen is by keeping your makeup minimal too.

How to do

Just the right amount of matte finish eyeliner with voluminous mascara is all that you need to flaunt your blissful eyes. Use black, brown or green coloured eyeliner that will match your attire. Apply only waterproof mascara and let your eyelashes stand the test of time.

Create plump and bright lips-Pop lip colours can add a statement to your look against the white winter scene.

How to do

You can look smoking hot when you apply a splash of warm berry, deep pink or red lipstick that can be the strong point of your whole winter-wedding makeup. Ditch the glossy finish to opt for a matte one that is more elegant, graceful and perfect for the season.

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