Different Kinds Of Kurtis Neckline Designs That You Must Try


The neckline is one important aspect whose significance can’t be ignored. It is that feature that enhances the beauty of any garment. There are different types of neckline designs available in the kurtis. We have compiled a collection of all those necklines that you must find and try on various occasions.


This neckline can be thought of an amalgamation of several different designs in one neckline. It can consist of embroidered borders, patchwork or button work performed by the designer. One should be very careful in selecting the right design on the basis of the size of the bust. Don’t go for too much of art work on it otherwise, it will lose its charm.

Boat cut neckline


It is very much clear from the name that this type of neckline has the design of a boat. This neckline covers the area between the taper and collarbones towards the shoulders at the rear and front region.

Boat cut neckline improves the look of your shoulders by making them appear broad. This neckline looks best on women with a small bust. It should not be considered by women with a bulky chested woman as it will make them look broader.

Crew Neckline


Crew neckline is derived from the round neckline of T-shirt neckline as its circumference can be designed as per the choice of the wearer.

Collar Neckline


Collar neckline is preferred for its elegant look. This design is inspired by the old-fashioned culture. The neckline emulates the look of perfect neck designs that are seen in frocks. It features a flat collar look with rounded points.

As it is a strictly western form of the neckline, you should never wear it with dupattas or salwaars. Also, don’t try to give it a traditional touch by wearing pendants or necklaces as this neckline design may lose its grace. It gives one a younger look that is one of the reasons behind its popularity and increasing use.

Halter Neckline


This is one of the latest kurti neck designs in the market. It looks very elegant in the outfits. By wearing kurtis with this neckline, you should be ready to expose off your shoulders. The back, in this case, can be all bare, fully covered or semi covered.

Don’t wear a dupatta in this style as it will then flatter your shoulders and accentuates its beauty. To look more graceful, you can even tie your hair up. Choose transparent or strapless bra when you are wearing this type of neckline.

Collared Neckline


Collar necklines have become popular when a couple of actresses worn it in the films. After this, they became an instant hit among youth. This type of necklines is designed to be worn with the shirts, dhotis as well as jackets.


These are some of the necklines that can give you an appearance ranging from gorgeous to a classy traditional style. Choosing the most appropriate neckline design from this collection will not just flatter you but also bring out the hidden beauty and beautiful features within you.