Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

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Your best friend is getting married! You are honored to be her maid-of-honor but are completely stressed out about planning a fun, original wedding shower guests will actually enjoy. Never fear, we have compiled a list of creative, unique ideas that will spur your imagination and help you pull off a memorable bridal shower.



What kind of theme can you have that will be different from every other shower you’ve attended? You’re the maid-of-honor and know the bride practically better than the groom. What are her interests or her secret pleasures? Is she a wine drinker, an Audrey Hepburn fan, a gluttonous taco fan, a pretty panty aficionado? There is a shower theme for everyone!

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – obviously, the infamous Tiffany blue will be your color scheme. Guests can wear pearls and imbibe in the TIffany Blue Cocktail while indulging in a delicious brunch. Have them share their favorite brunch recipes with the bride to be.
  • Retro 1950’s – Think MadMen and martinis. Play Dean Martin, Elvis, or Nat King Cole in the background. Have a martini bar or serve classic champagne cocktails with brandied cherries. Include a stock the bar gift theme.
  • Boho Beach – if you live near the water, have a beach location. Include reggae music, wear flower crowns, and play beach games. Guests can bring gifts to outfit the bride and groom with outdoor gear such as melamine dishes and wine glasses, beach towels and chairs, coolers, etc.
  • Fiesta – go all out with a taco food truck, margarita bar, and a pinata.
  • Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s – Imagine feathers, pearls, beaded evening dresses, and champagne. Everything sparkles with glamour and elegance.
  • Western – Guests can wear their cowboy boots as they enjoy a down home barbeque. Be sure to include s’mores around a campfire. Themed gifts could be stocking the outdoor kitchen or grilling and picnic paraphernalia.
  • Around the clock – assign guests a time of day and have them bring a gift specific to activities that take place during that designated period.
  • Wine tasting – Serve wine and cheese, and have the guest bring gifts to stock the wine refrigerator along with glasses to match the different varietals of wine.

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Don’t forget the games!

Give your guest something to do other than watch the bride open her gifts.  Think beyond the more traditional games and be more unique. Offer some ladies-only ones designed to supply the bride with lots of pretty panties (appropriate for a lingerie party), or have a wider variety that are appropriate for both women-only and coed showers. This could include games such as What’s in the Bag, Bride and Groom Trivia, Ball and Chain relays, Love Song Name that Tune, He Said/She Said, or Romantic Movie quotes.

Regardless of which games you choose, consider prizes the guests will appreciate. Traditionally, shower games involved prizes that go to the bride. Instead, show appreciation for your guests and thank them for coming with a unique gift  especially for them to enjoy.

Remember the Details

Pulling off the perfect shower takes planning. There are many logistics to include in the planning,  from the invitations, decorations, menu, location, guests lists, and games to favors, music, and beverages.  Use a checklist to make sure you allow enough time to order supplies, notify guests, and wrap up any loose ends.

Most importantly, remember to have fun and make your bride-to-be feel special. Whatever you plan, this will be a day she will always remember and start her marriage journey off on a happy, well-stocked note!