Cool Engraving ring Ideas That You Should Be Aware Of

Engraving romantic poetry over a wedding or an engagement ring is a tradition that dates back to the medieval age. Even in today’s time, engraving a message on a ring is a great way to personalize a ring and present it to your loved one. The message can be engraved on the inside of the ring and even around the boundary of the stone.


There are different ways in which you can a ring can be engraved. You can include something romantic, religious, humorous or something that is personal to you and your better half.

If you are among those who want to engrave a ring in the best possible way then you have come to the right place. Below are a few of cool engraving ideas that every bride should be aware of.’


Traditional & Simple Engravings

One of the simplest ways of engraving a ring is to include the name or the nickname of the person to whom you want to present the ring. Initials will also do if you do not want to engrave the full name. A few of the people also engrave the wedding date along with their nicknames or initials. These are some of the most simple and traditional ways of engraving a ring.

Include Quotes or Excerpt

Engrave your ring with a small quote or an excerpt that will keep on reminding your partner the love that you have for him. Just a mere two or three word quote would do. A few of the famous ones are ‘I Love You’, ‘I Promise’, ‘Forever’ and much more. Including an excerpt from the wedding ceremony vows will also look great on it.

Romantic Engravings

As the purpose of a ring is to solidify the bond of love between the couples. What better would be to engrave something romantic on the ring. A few of the romantic lines or words to engrave on the ring are ‘You are my heart’, ‘You are my home’, ‘You are my life’, ‘You are so beautiful’, ‘Yours forever’ and much more.

Humorous Engravings

Humor is an important aspect of every relationship. It enables the couples to ward off against all the stresses that they face in their lives. Include something that would bring a smile on the face of your better half. You can also include something that reminds him to wear the ring back on every time he removes it in a humorous manner. Just like romantic quotes, there are a few humorous quotes like ‘Put it back on, buster!’, ‘Non-refundable’, ‘Worth the wait’, ‘May the force be with you’ etc.

Religious Engravings

Couples those who want that the blessings of God always showers on them, engraving a religious quote would be a good idea. There are quite a few good religious quotes that you can engrave on the ring. A few of them are ‘God Bless this Marriage’, ‘Our Unity is Christ’ etc. There are quite a few Latin quotes that can also be engraved like Amor Vincit Omnia (‘Love Conquers All’), Semper Amemus (‘Love always’), Semper Fidelis (‘Always faithful’) and much more.

In The End

In this article, you saw a few of the cool engraving ideas that will every couple should e aware of. These are a nice way o increase the overall appearance and feel of the ring that it looks great on the finger of your loved one. As a ring is one of the most important parts of a relationship it becomes the responsibility of every couple to present it to one another in the best possible manner.

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