11 Lace Wedding Dresses Perfect for Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are really unforgettable, and for all the right reasons if you ask us. A snowy landscape, cosy candlelight, seasonal colors and romantic fairytale ambience, there is something magical about winter weddings that just can’t be achived in summer or spring. Agree? But it also…


The guide to Proper Airbrush Make up

Airbrush make up is termed as the make up which is applied on the skin using an airbrush instead of using sponges, fingertips, brushes or any other method. Airbrush make up is something which is sprayed onto the skin. The main advantages of the airbrush…

A wedding that everyone will talk about

Are you bored already with the plain old DJs and the choreographed performances? Just like me, everywhere you go, people are doing the same thing? Do you wish to do something original, something that will blow away the minds of your guest and make you…


Seven Trendy and Latest Wedding Decor Ideas For 2018

A wedding is a very important part of a couple’s life and probably one of the most memorable photo-shoots a couple will do together. And this is exactly why every bride and groom tends to focus on their wedding day the most. I know how…

Best Coastal Wedding Venues in India

Unique weddings are becoming common place around the world since the last two decades. For example, Alaska Airlines flight attendant Kristy Stratton and her husband Jim Larsen tied their wedding knot 35,000 feet above ground level on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle on…


Does wedding planning prepare you for marriage?

The success of your wedding reflects the direction of your marriage. During wedding planning, you have to agree on various things like the color theme, type of cake, the number of bridesmaids among other issues. As usual, you have varied interests and you have to…

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