Best Coastal Wedding Venues in India

Unique weddings are becoming common place around the world since the last two decades.

Best Coastal Wedding Venues in India

For example, Alaska Airlines flight attendant Kristy Stratton and her husband Jim Larsen tied their wedding knot 35,000 feet above ground level on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle on February 19, 2016. Earlier, in 2001, New York residents David Leibowitz and Kimberley Miller descended about 4kms underwater in a submersible to the wreck of Titanic in North Atlantic to exchange vows.

Germans Jessy Schild and Ingo Mueller, 46, got married at 16,000 feet above ground level by skydiving with parachutes. They priest, best-man and bridesmaid also dived with them.

Weddings in India

Understandably, Indians are not as adventurous when it comes to undersea diving of skydiving to get married.

However, trends nowadays indicate, brides, grooms and their closest family members prefer holding the wedding ceremony at exotic locations rather than commonplace halls and shrines. Consequently, a lot of would-be couples and their families choose location along the Indian coastline that spans for about 7,517km, including Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

We explore some of the best coastal wedding venues in India.

Our selection

Dwarka, Gujarat

Dwarka traces its origin to ancient mythology, as city that Lord Krishna built. It also has a Sri Krishna temple dating back some 2,500 years. Dwarka is a renowned pilgrimage location in India and hence, is easily accessible from all parts of the country.

Consequently, it has excellent tourism infrastructure. If you are spiritually inclined, Dwarka is one of the best coastal wedding venues in India.

Diu, Union Territory

Located on coast of the Arabian Sea are the islands and towns of Diu. Till 1961, Goa, Daman and Diu were ruled by the Portuguese. Over the last couple of years, the local administration is promoting Diu for tourism. This has spawned development of several high quality resorts and hotels in the enclaves. Diu has a blend of Gujarati, Zoroastrian, Portuguese, and other cultures. Diu is accessible from all parts of India, especially Mumbai. Regardless of whatever faith you belong, Diu is a great place to tie the wedding knot.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

I consider Mumbai, the financial center of India as the topmost coastal wedding venues in India. This mega-city boasts of the best infrastructure anywhere in India for anyone getting married, regardless whether you are a billionaire or have modest budget.

 Coastal resorts along Maharashtra’s Konkan belt make ideal honeymoon destinations and are easily accessible from Mumbai.

Goa (all beaches)

The tiny Indian state Goa ranks among the topmost coastal holiday destinations of the world. Goa has the largest number of tourist beaches in India.

Dense forests, mystical waterfalls, green mountains of the Sahyadri range and excellent white sand beaches make it an ideal venue for a coastal wedding. Goa offers infrastructure to suit all budgets. Goa Is also a great honeymoon destination and is easily accessible from all parts of India.

Honnavara, Karnataka

In recent years, the Karnataka government has taken steps to develop ancient city Honnavara into a tourist resort and commercial hub located on coast of the Arabian Sea. The city already has booming tourism infrastructure due to various medical and engineering colleges that have opened there since the last couple of decades. Cosmopolitan in nature, Honnavara offers excellent facilities for wedding. Tourist attractions including waterfalls, virgin beaches and surrounding green mountains add to the charm.

Mahe, Puducherry

This former French territory in southern India is located on the Arabian Sea.

The city of Mahe is dotted with buildings constructed in French colonial style alongside traditional houses typical of Kerala as well as modern day architecture. This idyllic city offers perfect getaways for couples to get betrothed. Mahe is also fairly economical for a coastal wedding due to lower local taxation, despite the implementation of Goods and Services Tax by the Central and state governments.

Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Kanniyakumari, also spelt Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula. It is also the location where you can witness confluence of three of the world’s largest water bodies- Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

Kanniyakumari is famous as beach resort across India and abroad and hence, has highly sophisticated tourism infrastructure. The city has great tourist attractions while nearby resorts provide ideal honeymoon getaways.

Konark, Odisha

Konark is well known for its unique Sun Temple. Located on Bay of Bengal coast, Konark is a very romantic place, full of ancient mysteries that are often linked to remote and ancient civilizations as far as Peru and Egypt.

Konark attracts tourists from across the world and hence, boasts of great infrastructure. It is a city where you can splurge on a wedding or get married in a temple or other religious shrines, at low cost.

Bakkhali, West Bengal

Those looking for off-the-beaten track coastal wedding destinations can consider the small seaside resort town, Bakkhali located on Bay of Bengal. Located amidst dense forests, Bakkhali can be accessed only by indigenous, motor-propelled boats. Bakkhali has escaped urbanization and a visit to the place takes you back into history.

However, for weddings, parties and accommodation, several reasonably priced hotels and lodges are available nearby. Should you wish to escape the din and buzz of cities and towns, try Bakkhali as your coastal wedding venue.

Kavaratti, Lakshadweep (Union Territory)

Located about 360 km off the city Kochi in Kerala, the small island town Kavaratti is the capital of India’s Union Territory, Lakshadweep. The unique feature of Kavaratti is, the city is located exactly at zero sea level- a distinction shared by very few places in the world. Surrounded on all sides by Arabian Sea, the city is also one of the few places in India where you can witness sunrise and sunset over an ocean. Sparsely populated Kavaratti is accessible by air from nearby Agatti island.

The city of Kavaratti offers a very romantic ambience with almost deserted beaches, coconut tree lined streets and unique houses.

Getting there cheap

Regardless where you are located in India, having a coastal wedding is possible. Indeed, it is a great proposition since coastal venues also make excellent honeymoon destinations. While every wedding is expensive, you can save a lot on traveling to these exotic best coastal wedding avenues in India.

Unless you are eloping, the wedding would generally be well planned. While wedding is a memorable in everyone’s life, you can make it memorable for your friends and family too by tying the knot at any of these best coastal wedding venues in India.


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