Belly Dance in India

Do you know of the best international dance talent available in India? This is none other than Belly dance. This is not only a dance but a stylish dance whose steps are based on the existing unique dance techniques and especially those from North India.

A brief history of the Belly dance

Belly dance is believed to have its origins in the Middle East. However, over the years the dance has emerged to be a social dance performed at family gatherings. Its now 8 years since belly dance first came to India. The Indian mindset about the dance has only begun now.

Belly dancing techniques and movements


Unlike many Western dance forms, belly dancing in Delhi is typically a torso-driven dance with more emphasis on hips articulation. Belly dancing movements are grouped into:

  1. Percussive movements. Vertical hip rocks, hip drops and hip twists among others.
  2. Fluid movements. Tilting hip circles, abdomen and hip undulations.
  3. Shimmie, shivers and Vibrations. For example, hip vibrations, knee-driven shimmies.

The context of Belly dancing in India

Belly dancing in India has two contexts: social or folk context and as a performance art. Ordinary people who are not professional performers perform the social belly dance. On the other hand, professional Russian dancers and belly dancers in Delhi perform belly dance on on stage using special costumes. The professional belly dancers provide entertainment at corporate shows, dealers meets, conference, weddings and gala dinners in India.

Bellly dancing Costumes in India

Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi wear the bedlah costume which more of a suit. Typically, the belly dancers’ costume includes a fitted top you can call it bra, a fitted hip belt plus harem pants or an entire-lenght skirt. Both the bra and the belt may be enriched with beads, sequins, coins, crystals or embroidery decorations. At times the belt may be a separate piece or joined into the skirt.

Belly dancing benefits

Do you want your skin to look more younger? You better join the Russian dancers. Belly dancing triggers the production of endorphins which acts as a dress reliever. This is according to Meher, a pioneer and Queen of belly dancing in India. Meher also confirms that belly dancing has more to it than just weight loss as it helps you burn 250-300 calories per hour.

Speaking of fitness, the belly dance in India qualifies as a complete workout. With the hip movements and powerful shimmies belly dance will entirely work on your core muscles encouraging you to embrace your curves.

With such insight, you now know what belly dancing consists of. The dance has already become part of the international pop culture. It serves as a workout regimen, meditative practice and gives you a chance to network. Precisely, this is a must do dance for every woman

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