Beauty Tips For Brides Before The Wedding

Preparing for your wedding day? So much excitement can quickly turn into disappointment if you do not take careful steps to ensure a successful beauty outcome. What is most important is that you are pleased with how you look. Your memories and photos will last a lifetime, regardless of how fashionable your dress may be, your hair, skin and makeup will leave a stronger and more lasting impression. Take it from someone who has been there and done that, being laid-back when it comes to beauty on your wedding day is not recommended.

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Prep Your Body

It’s your big day! Looking after every inch of your body is not overdoing it. Indulge in scrubs, oils and massages. Visit the dermatologist if you have to. However, do not try any new products such as dyes, bleaches or invasive skin treatments well before your wedding. I had decided to change my hair color two weeks before my wedding. It was the worst idea I have ever had. In order to set things right, the dye had to be removed and my hair bleached and colored twice. When it comes to your skin, I prefer home-made face and hair masks, but you can purchase similar products as well.

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Try Out Salons

If you do not have a hairdresser, makeup artist, manicurist, etc., that you regularly go to, it is time to start visiting the salons and trying them out well ahead of time. Find professionals that you love and pamper yourself in the process. Beauty professionals will often take better care of you and put extra effort in if you are a return customer. They will also make exceptions in regards to special requests such as times and dates. Because I couldn’t find the time to do the above, my manicure was horrible, and pedicure non-existent. Sure, these are little things that no one may have noticed, but it’s all about how you feel. Being pleased with your whole look from top to bottom will give you that extra confidence needed to glow on your wedding day.

Find A Good Makeup Artist

When you think of a bride the first thing that comes to mind is the dress, however, the most important thing is to make sure that the makeup is on par. The perfect wedding gown can easily be overshadowed by sloppy make up. The professional that you choose will become your best friend on the day. She, or he, will help accentuate your beauty in a way that you would never be able to achieve on your own. I was most thankful for splurging on a reputable makeup artist. Nothing budged until the wedding was over, and thanks to her technique and products, my skin never looked better. The fact that I was so pleased with my makeup may have a lot to do with professionally done silk eyelash extensions, we aren’t used to wearing them every day, but they make a world of a difference!

Do A Complete Dress Rehearsal

The best piece of advice I can give is to have a full dress rehearsal. Try everything on, and all together, as it should look on your wedding day- from hair and makeup, down to your toe nails. I thought that this was a terribly tedious task and therefore skipped it altogether, which I now deeply regret. I was running late anyway. Little did I know that my stockings looked horrible once I had put them on and my dress did not cover my undergarments as it was supposed to. The color of my lipstick was all wrong. Everything had looked perfect when set out separately, unfortunately when put together it didn’t quite match and fit as it was supposed to. Luckily I had other options in my closet, but the rush and disappointment did cause extra stress, which in turn caused perspiration, which ultimately may have ruined my perfect make-up a bit.

Don’t pay attention to the taunting and teasing you may be experiencing from your friends and family. You are not bridezilla, everything does need to be perfect! As a bride, planning well ahead, even ridiculously early may seem unnecessary now, but it will make all the difference come the big day.

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