Awesome Birthday Party Games Free Of Cost

Birthdays are fun! Having said that it is obvious that no one wants to attend birthday parties where people eat and go. Therefore, it is not common to involve games to make birthday party interesting. Some birthday parties have guests of all ages, therefore, it is important to have games that can be enjoyed by children and adults both. We bring you some of such games that you could include in your party and make it delightful! Read below to know!

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1)    Charades

The best thing about this game is that it can be played by everyone. Age is no foundation in this game. One can play this game by mixing and matching it with the theme of one’s party.

2)    Elephant Tug If War

This game is an awesome choice if you want to involve adults and kids at the same time. All you need is a rope and let your game begin.


3)    Animal Party Game

Guessing games add a lot of thrills and when the occasion is a birthday, the excitement goes many notches up. This game involves physical activity and the game is exclusive of the winner and looser stuff. You can also hire Birthday Party Organisers in Noida for adding more spice in party. As they organize things in a good way. Therefore, you can play this game for as long as you want.

4)    Capturing Flag

One can involve flag and symbols of choice and bring creativity to the table by playing this game. All you have to do is use flag or bandanas, and use various tricks to capture the flag for winning.

5)    Steal The Bacon

If you are fond of team games, then this is just the right choice. Any group f people can play this game and play team game packs a lot of fun and laughter. Therefore, include this game in your party to give the best entertainment to your guests.

6)    Dress Up And Race

Very interesting and entertaining game! This is a race in which the invitees have to pile of dresses and accessory and run take part n the race. The game could be fascinating as your guests can be dressed in many peculiar and funny manners!

7)    Three-Legged Race

A hilarious game which is full of joy! In this game, just make teams of two people and tie their two legs in order to have them three legs together rather than four and make all such teams run a race. The game needs a balance and the fall in the play is amusing as anything. Try this game and make your guests go ROFL.